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  1. Well, Red... I have one. They're a diamond in the rough. If you have the skills and a weekend you can make them really come alive, and you'll loooooove the "different" sound. I've found that my '56 prefers my '63 Vibroverb w/ 2-10's (clean) over my SFDR (with pedal board) with a Weber. P90s are a tone of their own, not like other single coils. Noisy, true, but that can be mitigated without a lot of work. Lot's of posts here in the Lounge. _heretic
  2. ...or the $21.95 triple-chromed brass GFS roller DROP-IN that I have on my US Bigsby'd Epi '56 Gold Top. Excellent craftsmanship. Rock solid with sustain for days. Did I mention it's under 22 dollars? _heretic
  3. Loooove A2. Even got a Weber 12" Alnico in my Silverface Deluxe Reverb. 1's and 2's. I think have one, sweet, 50th Anny V3, but I had to work it to get there. Epiphone provided a great start with beefy, long tenon neck and an authentic maple cap on a mahogany body. But, it needed CTS pots and cloth wiring, a Gotoh bridge, an aluminum stop bar, a Tusk nut., TonePro Klusons. 11's. Fantastic neck. Sustain unplugged you won't believe. Rock solid stable. Great playability. The Ibby is a great 335-like guitar. Fantastic neck and beautiful in natural flame maple. A stunner! Very easy to go Larry Carlton. _heretic
  4. I put the 57's in two guitars. A '62 SG G400 and an Ibby AS103NT. I have Burstbuckers in my Epi 60 50th Anny LP Std. Best investment, EVER. Honestly, I think these two Gibson pups truly have the "mojo" tone. Sweet and soulful Alnico 2 or bold in-your-face Alnico 5 attitude. Fiddle with the knobs a tad and you can recreate all the good licks. If you're a player, and you have an Epi that feels good but lacks "something", putting the current run of REAL Gibson pickups is a wise investment. The gits may come and go, but as for me, I keeping those pickups. _heretic
  5. RaSTus, No worries. I had a bunch of guitar projects that I needed to complete, deal with the Holidays and STILL work 60hr/wk to pay for it all. Just a little "distracted". The smiles on the faces of the owners of the gits I "laid hands upon" were worth it. Good start for this coming year. Now, I get to do my stuff. _heretic
  6. Good sir, it is I who is honored.

  7. Thanks for the add mate, appreciate it.

  8. Isn't it obvious? It's holding up me cap. Right behind my BLT. That one I call Bad Luck & Trouble. That '60s V3 is developing quite a personality. One step backward, three steps forward. _heretic
  9. Back to the Future...or upgraded to "vintage" specifications. _heretic
  10. heretic


    To all, Got busted by the Missus. Yesterday. Not pretty. This is how it went down. I have a personal checking account that I only use for online purchases. I use it for ebay, paypal, etc. If things get wonky, I'm protected. I also purchase whenever zero interest is available. I also use it to buy gifts for her to keep her surprised for the special times. It works. In the closet in "the office" there are as follows: '73 Gibby acoustic, '78 Ibby Randy Scruggs Pro, '91 Am. Std Strat, '92 Am. Std Tele. All purchased before we were married. But, then this happened: Guild JF-30, Morgan Monroe M-30 OOO, Ibby AS 103 NT, Epi '62 G400, Epi '56 Goldtop. A Classic Player Strat and Tele Thinline. All in HSC's. Tight fit, and there's still room for clothes on hangers. Under the single bed in the office is a Joe Stummer Tele and a Epi Korina explorer. The only git she's never seen is the Explorer, and you can guess why. "One of these things doesn't look like the others". They're all paid for. So here's how it went wrong. Getting wifey's new car. CU needs two paystubs. Filling out the paperwork, she quckly calculated the difference of my net and what was deposited. The difference was $200 US. Significantly less than what she spends for hair, mani-pedi's and spa. Logical defense? FAIL. There are boxes from Niemann-Marcus coming twice a week! FAIL! She has the Tiffany's app on her iPhone. What are you doing with that? FAIL! Epilogue. Her new car arrives next week. I'll probably never be able to drive it. ---heretic
  11. BrianH, "Everything happens for a reason." I had wondered why I got such a good deal from MF. My 50th Annie was 256 of 1960 with all the case candy. Thought it was strange that I got such an early number at the end of 2011. I found out this morning while finishing the final upgrades. I was replacing the Wilkinson keystone tuners with TonePro Kluson "drop ins". The stock tuners were "grindy". They kept in tune, but they felt bad. I had removed the strings, and had just started removing the collars with a neat little puller I made. Guitar was face down on workbench. Flipped it over to check-fit the first tuner, nice fit... when I flipped it back over, I noticed this little piece of white on the pad. Looked like a piece of tooth... odd. Flipped it over, right side up, and realized where the little chunk came from. It was outside edge of the low E on the nut. Then, I saw the Super Glue on the fretboard. I took pix, and I'll post them later. I'm going the replace the nut. I don't know when or where this happened. I didn't see the "repair" because the low E covered the glue drop, plus, when I changed the "original" strings I cleaned/oiled the fretboard with Dr. Ducks and the repair looked "wet" like the oil. Not bummed, nor do I feel ripped off. A "beer buddy" bought one of the "used" Tobacco burst, and can't find the blemish. He's tickled pink. Come to think of it...so am I. --heretic
  12. Morkolo, My '58 Korina Explorer doesn't appear to have veneers. Epi veneers are quite visible when viewed edge-on. _heretic
  13. Full disclosure time Blue...This was the sweet deal of the century that I got from MF on a Back-to-School close out. $599.99 w/HSC, free shipping. It's not the highest-priced Asian-made guitar that I've "violated". IMHO I'm not "customizing", I'm just channeling the assemblers that actually DID the original work back in the day. I know this is a controversial issue with collectors, but as a player, I want the best stuff and skinny wire, dime-sized pots with pot metal nuts and such... is not for me. How can those parts possibly increase in worth over time, or the lack of them decrease the value of an instrument, just because they are not OEM? I'm more motivated by staying true the vision of what Les Paul or Leo Fender had for their inventions and respecting the craftsmanship. The real gamble is voiding the warranty. So far (over 35 years) I've never had an warranty issue. _heretic
  14. I thought about it. I shielded the '56 GT to mitigate the notorious P90 hum. But, when I popped off the cover and saw how cleanly routed the cavity was, and seeing a real, maple cap, I really couldn't. That, and they didn't shield real 1960 LP Standards. I never noticed any hum/hiss when using my gain pedals before the changes, nor do I hear any, now. It sounds soooooo good, plays "like buttah", and the new pots feel great, and had to use real, Gibson knobs. I'm just sayin'...
  15. Yeah... so much for leaving well enough alone. 2010 Epi 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Standard V3 wired the way they did it back in the day. Even put an aluminum stop bar on it, but if you've seen one nickel-plated stop bar, you've seen them all, so no pix. Wifey asked me "why?" In the words of The Captain: "What we've got here is... failure to communicate." __heretic
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