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  1. sorry for the dbl post, my computer posted it twice :/
  2. Thanks, but I am not gonna make an SG in the end^^ It will be some cross betweeen a SchecterSynyster and a Firebird, necktrough and string trough...
  3. In fact, I was searching a side view of a neck, and i am not actualy willing to pay 60$ for it : /
  4. Can anybody give me som SG neck template? In pdf?
  5. NickNice

    LP bass?

    My freind says its from the 80's...
  6. Not gwtting it... Damn dad.
  7. The Serial Code decoder isnt doing it. Can anybody help me?http://cgi.ebay.ca/Epiphone-les-paul-sg-custom-shop-silverburst-w-hardcase-/300466979783?pt=Guitar&hash=item45f53a43c7#ht_677wt_930 Maybe I will have this one!
  8. NickNice

    LP bass?

    Hi, one of my friend told me he having an LP bass from the eigthies... Never heard about LP bass. Anybody haves an idea?
  9. Thats it, he is choosing a G-400! Now, he's having a Strato replica/fake he got for 200$...
  10. He think the bolted neck is better than the setted-in neck, and he like better the full-face PG.
  11. I have a frienf how want a G-310, but I want to discourage him from this. How can I convert it to the G-400? Can you give me argument for me to tell him? I know the Boltet necj and the pickups arent this good... but others ?
  12. I saw that one (worn cherry, I think?) at a music store. Still dreaming of it.... but in Silverburst!! About Line 6 amps, I was wondering why the Micro Spider (135$, 6w) cost more than the Spider IV 15 (99$, 15w) when its 9w 'stronger'?
  13. People says Roland Cube and Epi Valve, But they do not seems to have a lots of effect, and this is why I tempted by Line 6 Spiders... I don't an amp which will deafen a whole stadium, only a practice amp with a living room-sized sound and whit a lot of effect, and mobility. :/
  14. 'Was wondering 'What are the weak point of the G-400'?
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