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  1. I meant being mainstream, like Coldplay at least. The last time I checked she was touring with Alice Cooper and Richie Sambora.
  2. Are you guys surprised that this Orianthi didn't became popular at all? I mean, she's a super-talented guitarist.
  3. Could I play a Les Paul Axcess Standard to precisely nail U2 songs? Like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwkcMDHAgQ8
  4. How is the Les Paul Axcess sound different from a regular Les Paul sound? Is the Les Paul Axcess used solely for heavy metal music?
  5. Thanks for all your opinions, guys. Right now, I have one thoughtful question. Does the Les Paul Axcess sound exactly like a regular Les Paul?
  6. So are you suggesting that the Les Paul Axcess in the pictures in my OP is the Original Les Paul Axcess dating from 2008 or so? If so, do you think it has the Iced Tea Burst finish?
  7. According to the links posted by pauloqs above, Gibson Custom released the "Modern" lineup back in 2017. But I don't know if there had been any "Modern" models introduced before that time.
  8. Would you agree then that Orianthi's Axcess in those pictures is an original Axcess from the late 2000's, and not one from the "Modern" collection?
  9. OP here. Thanks GibSinCity and pauloqs for that explanation of the "Modern" models. I did some further research on the Les Paul Axcess Standard. As such, I don't believe that Orianthi's Les Paul in those pics is a Modern Axcess Standard with Floyd Rose. Remember that those pics were taken ten years ago. I don't think the Modern lineup existed back then. Plus, based on those pics, her LP appears to be of an Iced Tea Burst finish. That finish isn't available for the Modern collection. What do you guys think?
  10. Thanks capmaster. That was a lot of helpful information there.👍 But I'm curious about one minor aspect. Is there such a thing as a Modern Les Paul Axcess Standard with Floyd Rose? Here's an example: https://reverb.com/au/item/14165530-gibson-modern-les-paul-axcess-standard-bourbon-burst-chrome-floyd-rose That Reverb listing is referring to this particular LP as a "Modern" Axcess Standard. I don't know whether or not that seller had made an error. Is there such a thing as "Modern"?
  11. Hey ya’ll. I need a lot of input from all you Les Paul experts here. I discovered over a dozen pics of MJ’s former guitarist, Orianthi, performing during halftime at a Miami Dolphins home game from a decade ago. In these pics, she’s playing what looks to be a Gibson Les Paul with a Floyd Rose system. Check it out: What model is that LP? I’m inclined to think that it’s a Gibson Modern Les Paul Axcess Standard. But I’m not entirely sure. Could it be a Custom Shop version? Could it be the Alex Lifeson signature? Could it be the Dave Amato signature? Does anyone have a clue? Thanks guys.
  12. Happy Memorial Day everyone!
  13. Welcome to the Gibson community! It's a wonderful place.
  14. Wow. I guess I was right. I've never seen or heard of a "Gibson Vegas High Roller" until I spotted random pics of it on Google. LOL Did Gibson ever place those Vegas models on the market? Were those models any good?
  15. Hello everyone. I need some input from all you Gibson experts here. I just came across old pic of one of the Jonas Brothers playing a semi-hollow double cut Gibson. Check it out: What specific model is that Gibson? After doing some research, I'd like to say that that Jonas Brother is playing what looks to be one of those Vegas models. But, of course, I'm not at all certain. Does anyone have a clue? Thanks guys.
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