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  1. My mistake. I know someone on the SW list bought the other S&D GLB when it appeared. After we bought them, they dumped a bunch of non-S&D product on the site for the same S&D price. The corrected that mistake, but not before about a dozen went out the door. I was pretty upset that my S&D cost the same as a new item. I talked to them the same day and they told me it was a price mistake. They did, however, give me a rebate so the GLB ended up costing me about 900 bucks. I wasn't complaining. :) I really liked the customer experience at MY. They are a good bunch of guys and it's sad that they won't carry anymore Steinberger product.
  2. trinity

    Synapse +

    EVH and Vito Bratta. That's why I have a huge collection of Steinbergers. I don't know what it would take to reproduce that these days, but they don't seem to be trying very hard to do it.
  3. Kinda sad, isn't it. I know we have new models with a new TT design. That's cool and everything, but I hate seeing the USA line get mothballed. I hope they come back at some point. Congrats on your purchase. If I had the need, I would've tried snapping up one or two of them myself.
  4. You and I both got on that deal JT. Yours was scratch & dent as well, right? I remember right after that, they had non-S&D GLB2Ts for sale at the same price accidentally. I think about a dozen people got lucky with that deal.
  5. Quit showing off Brent. :) Besides, you are depressing me by bringing those days up. I have 3 GM4Ts, 4 GM7TAs, and 1 GLB2T from those sales and I'd still buy more if they came up again. I only paid 900 bucks for that GLB2T. How could anyone pass that up?
  6. I think you said it very well. You want Steinbergers to be more available in non-American markets. I agree. I would love to see Steinberger become a world-wide success again. Welcome!
  7. That sucks. You could contact someone on the dealers page. I would suggest picking something on the west coast, like California. I hope it works out for ya.
  8. Musician's Friend: Backordered: Available 08-08-2008 American Musical Supply: Out of Stock! Available 7/9/2008 Sweetwater: We've confirmed this item will ship soon from Steinberger and should arrive in our warehouse the week of 6/29. Good question. Retailers are all over the map. No idea on the brick & mortar dealers. You might try calling one.
  9. You make it sound like people buy guitars by comparing spec sheets. If that were the case, there would be only one model of guitar made for every price point. I know Parker fans are as rabid as Steinberger fans and that (often times) the two seem at odds with eachother. I just don't see the comparison between the two guitars. You can get the same electronics that come on the Parker on many other guitars. You will not, however, find a TT3 anywhere else. I think 60% of the ZT3 price the TT3 alone. It dominates the construction costs of this guitar. (That's my guess.) As far as QC, I'm guessing they learned a lot from the Synapse ordeal and (hopefully) would not be dumb enough to repeat the same mistakes. I also have to say that the Synapse ordeal was overstated. I bought one of the first TranScales and could not be happier. I know there are many others like me. The problem is that if you have a 5-10% quality issue, those buyers are going to be MUCH more vocal than the 90% who are happy. I don't know what the actual percentage of instruments with (actual QC) issues was, but I'm guessing it was close to that range. Face it, guitars are going to get more and more expensive and other countries are going to build better and better instruments. At some point, 'made in the USA' may actually have negative connotations. I hope I don't see that day, but the point is that you cannot automatically assume that it means a 'superior' instrument. Only time and personal comparisons can make that assessment. Let's see how things go with the rollout. As for bluv's comment, I couldn't agree more. I own Steinbergers because of Eddie Van Halen and Vito Bratta. They made me want one in a bad way. When I could finally afford one, I was elated. Over time, I grew to love the instrument for it's own merits so much that I now have MANY Steinbergers. If it wasn't for the endorsements, however, I probably wouldn't have discovered the brand. Endorsements are CRITICAL to achieve high volume.
  10. trinity

    USA forum

    Nope. Got one on order. Someone at the SW list (check my sig) may have a GM7 for sale. A lot of product was moved out of MYs doors over the past couple of years. I personally bought about 4 GM7s, 3 GM4s, and a GLB during this phase. You could probably get a pretty decent (if not mint) guitar on the secondary market.
  11. trinity

    USA forum

    Btw, I should tell you that the MY GMs are not identical to the original GMs. Most notably, the original GM necks are thicker than the MY models. Many prefer the older necks. I actually prefer the newer ones, but my fondness for Ibanez guitars may have something to do with that.
  12. trinity

    USA forum

    I don't think you'll get an official response. The 'rolling due date' is typical MY MO (MusicYo modus operandi). They do this with every product that is not in stock and it is not in the least accurate. Some people have had some luck in the past by registering to be notified when something is in stock, but honestly, as I've stated earlier in this thread, I would not expect anything from the USA line for a long time - if ever. We've been speculating about this for a long time on the SW list and I think we all pretty much agree that the USA line is (at the very least) on hold for the new line to gain some traction. I hope I'm wrong - but there ya go. You can try EBay.
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