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  1. Yes. Find a shop or be prepared to send a few back.
  2. I would pick up a synapse as a travel guitar. You could still get a GT but be aware that the trem will die ,only a matter of time. It is a pity as the wood work is nice.
  3. Well if you want a $200 junk pile go for it.
  4. Car plan is the brand ,I got a small amount from a friend so I don't have the reference . It is one bottle satin drying (no matt overspray needed.)You can get at in spray cans as well,it drys hard in the same time as a nitro guitar lacquer would.
  5. Car plan satin off the gun poly ,but mine was masked in to the edge of the neck joint to hide any difference.
  6. I couldn't stand it any longer so I shaved it to a more reasonable size (still chunky but not stupid.) It was quite easy I made a set of templates and launched in . It worked out nice and you can't tell because I got a near perfect match on the paint. Now it is about the same size as the wide fat neck on my PRS CU22. This is now a really nice guitar but I might as well have built the thing from scratch with all the alterations I've had to do to get it right. I think this guitar could be so much better than they are stock .I 'm used to playing my GL so this felt like S$%T hen I got it .I would have sent it straight back if not for the fact that I got it from the old distributer at 30% off trade. I will take some pics and post them.
  7. It won't be misaligned it will have bent. I bet it contacts the front of the rout and the posts lean forward. The fix is remove the trem, unscrew the posts from the baseplate, bend the baseplate back flat and reattach the posts in the opposite sides so they rest in a different part on the thead. This will last until they collapse against the body again. This is a standard part of a R Trem set up together with a new spring to replace the one that won't stay in tune because of fatigue. Try and get a similar automotive spring as they are a fraction of the price and a hundred times better.
  8. Not a bad travel guitar "BUT" the R Trem is garbage expensive and hard to get spare parts for .This is nothing to do with the design ,but everything to do with the metal it is built out of, These trems collapse in on them selves over time with nothing more than the tension of a set of 9s. Show me ANY old GR 4 and the trem rubs against the body because the posts have bent the baseplate ,and that's usually the least of the issues.
  9. They sound like it but I'm not certain.
  10. I use Files I converted myself ,old school airy of triangular needle files with "safe"edges .I find the ones that are purpose made go blunt very quick and the diamond dust comes off too easily . I smooth the edges of the best needle files with a ceramic knife sharpening "steel". Yes the GL body is unique ,even the top plate has a different footprint for the milled steel bridge.
  11. Here is CA Blade I just re fretted SS6100 and re radius-ed to 20" as well. The Other Bergers I have at the moment . GM7TA from 98 last real ones. and GL2 Hardtail mint (Rotosound had it in there office for 20 years before I got it.)
  12. I do it for a living, I hate working with stainless steel fret wire but it is worth it ,and while I did it I took the opportunity to re radius the board to 20". I'm not at all phased by any of it except the depth I can go. The graphite U section and a rod at rest (no tension,)would keep this thing straight if it where a one way rod . I know Synapse rods break easily and this is probably down to a combination of poor parts and increased tension due to the graphite U section. I also rewired it with a CRL switch and CTS pots (finally available in 25KA.) This guitar could be so good but the final few details let it down badly and the QC is highly suspect. If this had a neck that was similar to a Am Std Strat it would not always receive the" F%$£ Me that neck is huge comment ,"I always get now then maybe it would get off the ground. Mine now plays flawlessly and sounds good as well but the neck really dose put EVERY person who ever saw it off immediately.
  13. I have a SS2F that is usfull as a travel guitar but the frets had to go (too small and over beveled on the ends ,standard crapiphone work.)The neck is as fat as hell too even thicker than a R7 Goldtop. I referetted it with SS 6100 and it feels like a guitar now instead of a toy. I think I just might have to shave the neck down a bit if I can work out how big the graphite U section is .Not too much just down to a lamp post.
  14. Yes but it requires the removal of the fingerboard.
  15. There is a bunch of worthless Synapse bodys with broken truss rods on Ebay now. I suspect the rod is not up to the job and is having a hard time overcoming the graphite U tube,not to mention the massive neck these all seam to have.
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