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  1. +1 on the Gibson, it'll sound good no matter what you play her through.
  2. Gorgeous top on her, congrats.
  3. Great looking herd there. How's the longhorn play?
  4. Good stuff, wonder which dosage he's on?
  5. Here's my '07 EC signature, it sounds even better than it looks.
  6. +1 on the nut being the problem. BTW welcome and although you shouldn't have to pay for a reair on a brand new guitar, I always have the nut replaced on my Gibsons to a bone nut. Better quality and with the right luthier is so much better tone. On a side note, you can't go wrong in getting a set-up guide book like the one from Stew-Mac. and learn to do your own set ups in the future, it's well worth the 20.00 price in the long run and you'll be able to set up to your own preferences instead of having to rely on someone else. Of course there are a few things that will require a luthier such as a nut, unless you are experienced with such mods. Good luck and welcome aboard.
  7. Yeah, she's a beauty. I've always wanted a custom. Congrats on the new score.
  8. Congrats CB, and many more anniversary's with your lady. Cheers.
  9. That's one sweet looking LP, and you're a lucky man to have a wife that gives ya that kind of present. Enjoy it.
  10. loneguitar

    My new baby

    Congrats, nice herd there.
  11. +1 the only way you can obtain one is by having Gibson do an inspection on the guitar. Either in person or by sending the guitar back to them. I don't know if it's always been that way but it is now. I think mostly in part because of counterfeiting. Nice excuse to take a trip on down to Nashville.
  12. Here's an ad that was in a local paper here: Gibson Guitar Factory 145 Lt. George Lee Avenue, Memphis, TN 901 543 0800 xt 105 Location on Google Maps Latitude: 35.138749 Longitude: -90.053168 Description Take the Gibson guided tour with a knowledgeable "honest to goodness" musician. Learn how our talented craftspeople combine their skills with the latest in guitar technology to hand shape a silent block of wood, and, as if by magic, turn it into a beautiful musical instrument with a voice all its own. See and hear how, for over 100 years, Gibson has helped make the world of music what it is today and sets the tempo for where it's going tomorrow. Hours Sunday- Wednesday 1:00pm Thursday - Saturday 11:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm, and 2:00pm $10 per person (age 12 and over), tour length is 25 minutes.
  13. Unusual but very nice, congrats on your new lady and welcome to the forum.
  14. +1 on that, very nice couple.enjoy them. There are different theories about 90's production at Gibson. I have a '91 ES 335 and a '95 Studio, both of which are excellent guitars. I guess it's like every other ear with in the last 20 years, hit or miss. Congrats on the new lady.
  15. Great looking custom, killer top. Congrats.
  16. Man I'm loving the candy apple red, great trade, she's a beauty.
  17. I learned a long time ago, as good as you think you are, there are more great players in Nashville that will blow you away. It is like they started playing while still in their Mama's womb. As far as Chet goes, doubt that there will be anyone close to his prowess on the guitar. Their are others that come to mind like Les Paul, these were the pioneers and the standard that we all would love to be 1/2 as good as. Great shops in Nashville as well, like a kid in a candy store every time I'm up that way.
  18. Interesting link, especially if you're into retro and relicis.
  19. Lovin' the '66, very good condition for the age. Sweet.
  20. loneguitar


    According to different sources Tokai is being made in China, they may have been made in Japan early on but they're being shipped from China now. Some people like them and some loathe them. I've never played one so I can't comment of that. There is however a Tokai registry online that I got through a yahoo search you may want to check that out. http://www.tokairegistry.com/faq/tokai-faq.html
  21. Are you talking about the HOG in Rochester? I used to shop there whenever I made it up to upstate NY. They are one of the biggest 5 Star Gibson dealers around. Last time I was there I picked up my '07 LP classic antique. I still get their newsletters and there has been mention of Gibson reps there but not in the last 2-3 months. They have some very unusual guitars as well as top of the line Gibson's. Great place to shop. I wish there was a shop like that in Tennessee.
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