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  1. Damn!!!!! Just got an email from producers that the message to us this morning was wrong....uuuugggghhhh. Anyway, we will NOT be able to vote until the show airs. I am sorry for the miss communication...I was following instructions. Again, sorry, I will let you all know when it airs... I am trying to delete this post and can't figure that out either....
  2. I made the cut and will be taping episode 3 of this internet/cable show http://www.doihaveahitsong.com/ . I had to make a quick home video for them telling about myself and performing a song live. I think they show part of it on the show while they are introducing the writers/performers. I cut the interview part out and saved just the song to post here. I have posted this one before with my daughter and the recorded version as well, but I think my Gibson OJ sounds REALLY good in this one. I just got the string spacing changed from 2 3/16 to 2 1/4. My luthier re-ramped bridge ever so slightly a
  3. I am playing a Larrivee OM-50. I borrowed it while my Gibson is being worked on. The guitar is absolutely stellar. If not for the shallow neck and long scale, I would be hunting for one right now...
  4. I believe this to be true. I am glad my two girls agreed to learn this song and let me record it live. Merry Christmas
  5. interestingly enough, I have way more songs that I would record on a full length cd, so choosing is always tricky. But in the back of my mind, I have an incling that my next project will be produced in a more acoustic way. Some songs lend themselves to that, and others don't. I have been thinking that it would be neat to just record them in acoustic demo fashion and sell that on the road as well. All kinds of ideas, but in this business right now, the name of the game is playing live and getting paid for it. Honestly, that is the way it is down here at the bottom and up there on top. And
  6. Thanks for the kind words. I actually have this OJ up for a trade if I could get a smaller body that I loved. No offers close and I don't imagine I will let it go. I have played a couple smaller bodies recently that were more comfy and they sounded really good. Having said that, I am having the OJ set up and the bridge routed to slightly wider the spacing to 2 1/4. As far as getting my music out, this is certainly one of the ways to do it. Those songs are newer and not on my cd . I plan on recording agian at some point, but that is only if I can make enough traction to do it. This is no
  7. that guitar is more bottom heavy acoustically as well relative to the mids and highs. Does not have the mids of the Gibson. It shows even through the K&K. Can give trouble with My PA so I really have to pull the lows back. Always sounds pretty good on real big PA's. Thanks for the compliments on the songs folks.
  8. ere is one with my other guitar. It is tuned to open D but capoed at 4th fret. Sound man was sleeping on this one I think becuae the guitar is not hot enough...but then again, I wan't stanging in the room listening and it was very quiet while I played this one. someone needs to use my ZOOM...duh and this one
  9. going back and listening to 50 ways, I just think that the guitar is balanced. I am not hiting that low e sting much or really getting on it...and, I think that some people blow up the low end on solo players to an unrealistic sound if you know what I mean. I have a frequency squashed down there on the low end too to prevent any feedback issue. Could have probably let it fly. However, this is key... that guitar is very balanced and not at all overpowered by lows acoustically. HOnestly, I think the pickup is giving me pretty much what the guitar is. My other guitar has lows that overcom
  10. Thanks. Might be your speakers...I don't hear lack of low end myself, but may be. I am using a K&K though the mach 2 (K&K pre) with the OJ. I have a couple that I am uploading with another guitar and I will post that too. I was asking because there was a guitar player there with another band who was VERY GOOD (electric player) and he was asking me about the rig. He said it shocked him how good it sounded.
  11. Here are a couple of songs from a gig last night on a large full PA. Taken with my zoom from a distance.... what do you think of this plugged in sound? No harm can be done, tell me how bad or good you think it is. It is really an evaluation of the pickup through a nice pre into a big full PA (think 500 capacity)
  12. Gibson OJ with fingers and wegen flat pick ... back to the acoustic folk side of my material
  13. here is the original song that followed it (I have posted a couple times here I think) here is the Gibson and Taylor combo
  14. video from my show the other night....Drew and I enjoy playing this cover...usually do it before I go into a couple of my tunes in this tuning. Got a few vids with the Gibby and will post when I get them uploaded. www.markcrawfordwilliams.com
  15. here is another sort of tongue in cheek song. Really an honest interpretation of "My Side Of Town". No matter where you live, folks have their issues....and are subject to be dung about Wink There is some distortion on this one but I recorded it in the morning very quickly and just never went back. I will probably take these off in a bit but I appreciate you listening to them. This one is fun to do live and gives me or my guitar player (if in duo mode) a chance to do some pickin'. https://soundcloud.com/mark-crawford-williams/my-side-of-town
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