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  1. I can't really explain it any better than brianh's thread. It just rings the note out for a long, long time. I think the conclusion was a circuit mod (adding some impedance) to the dwell circuit. I have seen a thread with a new tank vs the old and it does improve the reverb, just doesn't help the dwell. I saw another thread where someone tamed the dwell just by using a different tube, 12at7.
  2. Actually, it looks like all of the Epi amps are on clearance, even the venerable Valve Jr. So maybe a new line is coming out soon? There is a design issue and its the reverb. But other than that, the amp has great tones so if you are not a big user of reverb or have a good pedal, you might try one.
  3. Wow, much beefier transformer than whats on VSr. About equal to the Jet City.
  4. I noticed that. I wonder if they just had some manufacturing issues or what. I'm still debating between this, the Blackheart HD or the JCA 20w combo. Right now I'm leaning towards sticking with the Epiphone. The Jet City sounds a little more geared towards modern rock and the Blackheart sounds similar to the Epi but is $100 higher.
  5. I just recently got one. I think the quality and durability seem pretty good. Not sure why there's not more talk about this amp. The tones are pretty good though the reverb is pretty much useless beyond a 1/4 on the dial. It looks to me that Epiphone is discontinuing this line because they are on clearance at the major web dealers.
  6. The Valve Sr. is on clearance as well. These amps didn't last long. I wonder if Epi is rolling out new versions or just doing away with this line all together.
  7. I guess everyone's home playing situation is different but in a closed room, I think the Valve Sr. sounds pretty good at low volumes. I tried the small SE amp scenario and like people here have said, there's no MV control so it can get loud fast when you are trying to get tube dist. Even though the Valve Sr is preamp tube dist at low volumes, I still think it sounds better than a pedal, just my unexperienced ear opinion.
  8. I just ordered the combo. So from what I have read on this thread, it sounds like the reverb tank is just fine as is and there needs to be an actual circuit mod to fix the issue?
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