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  1. Sorry for late reply,missed this post... I actually had the Aaron Lewis for 3 weeks but sent it back to Thomann when i found this -53 SJ. The Aaron Lewis was a really nice guitar but it was brand new and would have needed some months of playing for opening up...
  2. Ok,i listen to your advice. i´ll keep the original tuners for now. Will open them up later and see what can be done...
  3. Thanks all of you! This guitar has been played a lot... The repair on the back is most probably from an belt buckle wearing thrugh the wood and they just cut out the bad piece of mahogany and replaced it with another piece...it´s totally stable but looks a bit bad but i wont mess with it. The tuners still works but i´m thinking about get a new set of grovers so it get´s a bit easier to tune it. By the way,the guitar is not for sale and it will stay with me in Sweden for the rest of my life
  4. HI! This is my beat up -53 SJ. Sounds and plays great!
  5. Hi! Here´s some photos of a L-00 Luthiers Choice...it belongs to friend of mine.
  6. Just got this -06 Standard faded yesterday. DiMarzio 36th anni PAF in bridge , DiMarzio PAF joe in neck and upgraded pots. Sound and play great! Looks good too:)
  7. Hi! Thanks. I mostly read read on this forum cause my english writing is not that good:) Been looking for a Southern jumbo for a while and just found an Aaron Lewis signature that probably will be my second Gibson acoustic...
  8. HI! Thanks! It got an 1 11/16 width at nut and a rosewood fretboard. /Krister
  9. Thanks! Thank you:) The label reads just J-35 with Ren Fergusons signature. FON 11631008 As i understand it yours would be #1 out of the 16 made... Yes it´s a beutiful red spruce top. It´s been worked on by Ren Ferguson. Sounds as good as it looks:)
  10. Thanks! It sounds great! It´s so different compared to my previous guitars,Martin D28 marquis,HD28 etc... This sound from the gibson is warm,dry and woody. Flatpicked or fingerpicked, the guitar just sings. No 2 an 8 out of the 16 J35´s made it all the way to Sweden:)
  11. Hi! Just bought my first Gibson acoustic. A good friend sold me this amazing J35 5-star Luthiers Choice J-35. Looks quite good doesn´t it?:)
  12. Hi all! Here ´s my -96 Studio that i bought new back in -97.
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