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  1. ES-339 is made in Memphis as are all the CS signatures (Carlton, BB...). Only Historic ES-335 1959 and 1963 with block inlays are still in Nashville - but it's not clear if they are still available. Gibson Customer service knows less about Gibson than your and me - unfortunately.
  2. The sticky post about Gibson Custom Shop serial numbers is incorrect/incomplete and can't possibly be an official and serious message from Gibson. These days all guitars with regular serial numbers coming out of Memphis are Custom Shop guitars with orange labels as well as the CS number guitars coming out of both Memphis (339) and Nashville. All guitars from Memphis come with Certificate of Autenthicity and Gibson Gold Lifetime warranty, custom case and include custom shop case candy. Another excellent example of Gibson lacking knowledge about themselves.
  3. I didn't know that... Anyway, Gibson Customer Service has given the answer. It's a fact now that the complete production of ES-335 have moved to the Memphis Custom Shop. No more Historics from Nashville. But fine guitars from Memphis - including a nicely made successor for the Historic. The reason for asking this forum was, that Gibson sometimes relase conflicting informations (God knows why) - but this one seems now confirmed from more than two different independent sources.
  4. I've e-mailed Gibson Customer Service in Nashville - and here is the answer: Hello, Thanks for writing. Here is a link to the currently produced models: http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Search.aspx The 59 and 63 are produced at the custom shop in Memphis. The site is still a work in progress and we apologize. Thanks for your patience. Thanks again, William Baugh Customer Service Representative Gibson Guitar Corp Nashville, TN 1-800-4GIBSON service@gibson.com My comment: So this is it - ES-335 is now all Memphis - which I believe is good as they've increased build quality and overall quality A LOT within the last two years.
  5. After the launching of the new Gibson website a major question has come up: Has the production of the Custom Shop ES-335 Historic(s) stopped or is it moved to Memphis. Nashville Custom Shop and the Historic ES-335's are not to be found on the new website like for instance the Les Pauls. Is the reason just the way of launching the website (step by step) or is it really true that the Nashville ES-335 production is gone? Also www.gibsoncustom.com is no longer available and points down to www.gibson.com What's the truth here and what's not. Thanks in advance.
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