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  1. They're Seymour Duncans. SH-4 JB in the bridge and SH-2n Jazz in the neck. I originally put them into the Epi, but pulled them out to put into the Gibson. The Epi LP is a great guitar, but it's got a very thin neck profile and I'm not keen on it. But getting to hear the SD pickups in it gave me a good idea of how they might compliment the Gibson, so it was worth it.
  2. My LP was the first nice guitar I bought myself, and I'd always been reluctant to modify it (mostly because I didn't trust myself with the work). After having it 6 years, though, I decided last weekend that I'd give it a shot. My first venture into swapping p'ups was with my Epi LP, which I was more comfortable to work or learn on. I liked the p'ups but rarely played the Epi so they weren't going to much use. I decided to yank them out and drop them into the Gibson. Worked out great. They're a bit brighter and more articulate than the 490R/498T combo that came stock in the LP. Previously, it was a very thick, chunky sounding guitar. I attributed this to both the p'ups and the thick maple cap and '59 profile neck (debatable...I know). However, the SD set compliments this guitar well and it really brings out the best of both worlds in it, as far as I can tell right now. Still capable of getting heavy, but also now more capable of being light and delicate. I also quite like the look of the black/uncovered versus the gold plated covers. Just sharing.
  3. Egnater Tweaker 15w. Very versatile.
  4. Messed with this last night... As stated...incomplete...but I like the intro. May isolate it and develop it more. No real direction, but eh, that's what I like.
  5. Tom Morello's guitars could practically be bow ties, but he's still cool. I just can't do the low slung thing. Changes my wrist angle too much on my fretting hand and I cramp easily/suck, etc....
  6. Here's another which I just did yesterday. Strictly electronic, for the most part. Not very polished at all. Then again...I had no real direction.
  7. EvanPC


    My playing through college was very spotty. Rarely picked it up. Regrettable.
  8. Thanks. I'm doing the world a favor by keeping my mouth shut. If vocals ever end up on any tracks I do, they sure as hell won't be from me!
  9. Link to a "set" which contains a few of my more recent dabblings. Most are short and not complete "songs" per se...Hope I haven't posted them already (don't think I have). http://soundcloud.com/evanpc/sets/sample-set-10/
  10. My latest "trying to figure out how to use this stuff" venture.
  11. I go in spurts with games. Never reallly played as a kid, and never got serious enough to even consider PC gaming. A few years ago, after getting my PS3 (mainly for the media capabilities) I got into it more than ever before. I've since hit my saturation point, and don't play all that much anymore. Never got into role playing games or anything like that. Mostly just shooters, sports, racing, etc - though there are a few games outside of these genre that I really liked too. Speaking of the PS3 and its media capabilities, I'm browsing this forum and responding to this thread from the PS3 browser and wireless keyboard. Also, as a test, I decided to see if I could attach a file from the hard disk to this message, and it appears that I can. Cool. Photo is of my driving wheel/setup for Gran Turismo 5. EDIT - It appears the file attachment did not work. It allowed me to browse the HDD, select a photo, and it even appeared in the response window, but does not show up when I submit the message to post....hmm. Oh well.
  12. Thank you. I considered it (adding some lead) after I already had the guitar in my hands. Nice thing is, it can always be added later.
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