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  1. I'd hang on to it until its worth more. Playing it like **** but really carefully... I'd make sure i recorded with it and had plenty of photos and videos for memory's sake. THEN, cash in on the guitar, buy several R9s and be able to not worry about my house getting broken into every time i leave
  2. when i was after my first guitar i played about on a load of shitty strat and les paul copies (ended up buying the strat copy because i had NO money and it came with a practice amp) but the fat badass sound the les pauls made were for me. I then got really into zep and free (LPs...) and by the time i got good enough and made enough money for a guitar, i was set on one. I went to the store and tried out pretty much EVERY guitar they had that cost similar to the LP standard, a load of fenders, PRS and all the other gibsons. I must have played every les paul they had and they just sounded and fel
  3. we can't view your myspace...
  4. i like my guitar how it is... with out ****ing with it
  5. What brand do ya guys smoke?
  6. That is a LOT darker than my honeyburst, i like it
  7. weren't zep about in the 70s... and wasn't Gary Moore in Thin Lizzy in the 70s :)
  8. How does it compare to other small amps (particularly with you owning the TT)? Would you recommend it after owning it for a while?
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