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  1. I hope this help you, the first one is an Epiphone the other one is a fake
  2. Do you have one of those Les Paul? This is a 2000 very short run, Thanks
  3. I like that brown color, may be this is a Custom Shop (?)
  4. Congrats blazer, your ebony SG3 is a beauty
  5. Do you have a picture of your natural Dot with those knobs?
  6. I want to change knobs on my €piphone Dot. I think that I will put gold top hat with gold reflector. I' m not sure about size of shaft, I understand that Gibson shafts are 1/4" and €piphone are metric (5mm) ?
  7. What do you think about '61 RI ebony with gold hardware? I like that
  8. In 1997 Gibson made those ivory SG Special with ebony fretboard
  9. Your guitar is a Gibson SG, she needs a good cleaning and new parts: tuners, ...
  10. Very nice SG Jr, the brown/pink case is the best. How much did you pay for this case? I looked on Ebay those case are expensive and not easy to find. Thank you for reply
  11. I prefer Standard inlays and cream binding on the neck. What do you think about this SG Standard with P90 pickups?
  12. Here is my SG Standard Ltd Edition, it is not red
  13. Don' t pur Grover those tuners are heavy and the G400 is light. You will have balance problem If you want to upgrade tuners, Grover Deluxe are fine and light
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