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  1. Third Coast Guitars in Chicago or Marty Bell http://www.martybellfinishing.com/ Both have done Les Pauls for me and both do nice work. Marty Bell, by far, is the best deal in guitar refinishing Gibson restoration will change you more than the new price of the guitar....bunch of pretentious princesses (I said it, maybe they'll listen?) RS same thing ---- way way over priced ----
  2. Huh...so you're the person. I heard that there was one!
  3. The only '68 run guitar center ever did with a 60's neck were the triburst ones from 2006 (2nd pic). Believe me, if you're not sure if your neck is a 60's, than it is a 60's. The 50's neck '68's have always been undeniably chunky. he you have the '57's which are very chunky-baseball bat feel. a '57 Cloud 9 A GC '68 with the 60's neck Regular '68's Regular 'new' Customs
  4. You got some points there, Skip. My biggest issue is the two piece back...WTF? #1 this is a "nice" guitar with some positive attributes, but for the price a two piece back is an abomination #2 kluson are ridiculous on this guitar and just plain suck as tuners regardless of what they're on #3 The body need to be thicker...it's too thin. I think that brightens it up a bite. All-in-all it reminds me of the Les Paul Lite-Custom I had..maybe...15-20 years ago with a scalloped neck. Nothing really new, I guess. I've had mine for about a month now. Personally, I'm pretty happy with it.
  5. I ain't falling for the Gibson banana in my tailpipe. Smart money says: "there's a marketing plan in the works"...there's alaways a marketing plan at Gibson; that's what they really make...marketing. Guitars are just a tool for these people. Producing companies hire marketing firms' date=' not our friend's in Nashville. They're just trying to produce something they can market; hey....you got to do whatever pays for the boat. Musician's Friend spilt the bean's a few months ago when they went off half cocked... Click me! Gibson would serve up or re-issue yesterday's moldy french t
  6. Whatever happened to the LP Custom version? Yes.......No.........Wait 'til the Standards sell and then offer them.......soon.......never? What's the story?
  7. Call Guitarsale.com. They've got a bunch that have been hanging out for years. They did a special run of silverburst '68s. They also have a bunch of '57s -chambered-cloud 9's with three pickups. You could probably ink a pretty decent deal on one.
  8. Encounters with these things are rolling in like UFO sightings. "After I got probed; I heard a whilring, then I saw a bright light and then it levitaded for a second and poof it was gone!". You know I really don't undertand Gibson antics sometimes. Make the guitars, build them right and then give them to dealers to sell the guitars. See, I didn't go to Harvard and I figured it out on my own! You guys have too many stoopid rules. Backroom deals with this guy, "no pics policy" for that guy, MAP violation suspension here, this guy "can sell Custom Shop but not USA" there. I can tell
  9. Was my 2002 GMC Sonoma LS Extended Cab 4x4 Truck Plek'd?
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