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  1. I've been looking at the new lower end Gibson's and noticed that they've got "Gloss Yellow" and "Satin Yellow" instead of TV Yellow. What I'm wondering is what they actually look like because depending on what website I go to, they look to be very different. The models I'm talking about are the Les Paul Junior and Junior Special. Have any of you had experience with either?
  2. Does the use of Obeche really make it very much different though? EDIT: I realized why the price difference exists, the new gloss models use Obeche whereas the Fadeds use Baked Maple
  3. Haha, the Faded is the more expensive one! And thanks for the advice.
  4. I noticed that there is a $100 price difference between the Faded and Gloss models of the LP Jr, with the Faded being the more expensive one. Any clues as to why this is? Is there any actual difference other than the texture of the finish?
  5. So I went to my local music store the other day and tried out a Les Paul Jr, instantly fell in love with tone and feel of it, but I require a neck pup too (Lead guitar in a Jazz Band, Rhythm Guitar in an Alternative band) and I had just seen the Melody Maker Special (Two P90's, awwww yeahhh) but my local music store doesn't have any in stock, so I'd have to pay for it before hand. I'm wondering if there is much of a difference in feel and tonality between the two guitars (which are relatively the same price?) Would the MM Special be a better buy? And the LP Jr Special is out of my price-range
  6. Both are P90 equipped semi hollow bodies, how different are their sounds? (I'm looking for a guitar that can handle both Jazz and Punk)
  7. i was wondering what my options for pickups were on my thunderbird, i find it's a little muddy and i want more of a p-bass sound which after-market pup's are good? if any even exist and would it be possible to put a split coil precision pup in? (would string spacing work)
  8. Well, lately I've been looking for information on the guitars Brian Bell of Weezer has been using lately, so far I've only seen him using an Epi Texan, and i'm wondering what Epi acoustic he's using in this video? http://youtu.be/DoA15_GaTzE
  9. yup, i decided on a set of mean 90's! and i meant burstbucker, not trembucker xD just gotta get the funds from parents and away i go xD
  10. well, i've got the smaller style, like the 60's Angus Young SG lookin one in cherry, and i'd preferably go for the actual P90's but i have no idea how i'd route it or if i even need to route anything, is there a difference tone wise between HBsized ones or is just that they look funny?
  11. Hey guys, havn't posted in awhile! Anyways, i was wondering if there were P-90's that fit into a G400, and what they would sound like? cause i'm deciding between trembuckers and p-90's, what're the qualities of both?
  12. I found this video on youtube of Rivers Cuomo playing a song off of Weezer's new album and I'm wondering which Epi acoustic he's using? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUqBSnHt26c&NR=1
  13. well, not first hand info, my friend had bought an SG Special (Epiphone, the one with dot inlays, no pickguard) and showed me the sticker and said he dated it to Japan and i was lulz, i'll ask him about it
  14. awesome, i'm planning on trying one out, then deciding between that and the Hummingbird.
  15. not really any, i've found epi's that have serials dating them back to japan etc that came with stickers saying they were made in the US
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