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  1. I know Muddy, but not this Greta chick. Just Googled "her". WTF?
  2. Feel/playability? A proper set up for the particular player. (Which one should never expect to be done at the factory.)
  3. No. I'd either commission a build or buy some tools and wood and build one myself. Assuming that since money is no object I'd then have the time.
  4. Government destroys things like this for a reason. It takes the product out of circulation thus lessens the market (and then demand) for such products. No one would touch a BRW guitar if mere possession was illegal and all guitars seized were destroyed.
  5. Semantics. For you Great Guitar = SOUL and personality.
  6. Great Guitar does not equal Expensive Guitar! It just sucks when a great guitar is also an expensive guitar.
  7. It's been established the guitar is used. However your statement is confounding to me. Why is poor present-day factory QC excusable because back in the day the factory QC might have been poor? Makes no sense to me. Also, the QC in 1959 is demonstrably better. I think you might be equating the oft-touted differences between samples of original 59 bursts with QC problems. The variability of things like neck carve, pickup wind, and body shape are not QC issues.
  8. No, Gibson gets a bad rep because they have real QC issues. It seems totally plausible because Gibson and the custom shop produce guitars with improperly scraped binding (among other issues) far too often. That is why it is often first assumed that such issues are factory flaws.
  9. Although I have personally seen Custom Shop "moulding" that was botched like that at the factory, the listing states it is used and there was a repair done. $5100 is way too much to pay for a guitar with such a bad repair, but I suppose it beats $6500 new from the factory with improperly scraped binding.
  10. WTF? Shut up and let Percy speak! Plant is just getting ready to say something interesting and then the Aussie *** interjects with "You didn' think it wuz gunna be that big, dige-ya?" Then into questions about his hair... The Sphincter indeed.
  11. Why in the world would we need our guitars chipped and tracked by Gibson? I've no idea how that would turn things around. It isn't the guitar business that is sinking Gibson, it's all the crazy crap businesses HJ has acquired in recent years to fit his idea of an all encompassing entertainment conglomerate. He leveraged the company on a weird pipe-dream and now is having to settle the score. Don't worry, we will all be able to still spend thousands for Gibson guitars that cost hundreds to make for many years to come.
  12. "Geez. Have any of you ever encountered such an angry and violent reaction to a simple guitar query before?" Ah, but it wasn't a simple guitar query. You were responding to a for-sale ad, not a social posting about a cool guitar. You wasted the guys time and got his hopes up. He did overreact though.
  13. https://reverb.com/item/10115888-prs-ce24-semi-hollow-reclaimed-ltd-247538
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