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  1. I've been lurking here reading about all these great Gibson's for quite awhile. I have been playing electric for about 3 years and finally bought a cheap Fender parlor guitar for an acoustic blues course I began back in August. Well, acoustic blues has taken over my life. Every chance I get I am working on my fingerpicking. I have two little ones, ages 2 and the youngest 6 months, so when I can't play because they are napping, I am here looking at Gibson acoustics. Anyway, after getting hooked on acoustic blues I went on the search for an old Gibson. What I found was a little beauty. Either a 1936 or 37 Kalamazoo KG-11 Senior. It is such a fun guitar to play. I even find myself daydreaming about playing it when I am at work! I have no other current gas at this time, but I love looking at all the Gibby's you guys have. Here are some pics of my Senior. Cheers all!
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