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  1. Of course comfortable is good The main thing with a child is they have an instrument that inspires them to want to play and keep on playing
  2. Corts – OK Yamaha – speaks for itself really, always been good in this price range Recording King – worth a look The budget Takemine’s with solid cedar tops may look uninspiring but play well and sound very good
  3. Most polishes are essentially abrasives. So will wear down the finish in someway over time. There are some thoughts that just cleaning with a damp cloth is the best way. Then drying with a polishing cloth.
  4. Looks to have opened up well with age and a little help Madman Greg
  5. I did have a listen and had this down as something with a tighter bottom end than a J45, perhaps maple based or so I thought. I now know it’s the new strings that added a level of zing to the sound For those that record you will know you have to wait a good 2 weeks to get a good tone from a new set of strings I have just put coated strings on my J45 , approx 3 weeks ago and they still sound too new. When I start recording they will come off, unless they are toned down by then Madman Greg
  6. Autumn blew its leaves at me Threatening winter as I walked Summer always goes so quick, barely stopping like my thoughts Which dip and spin and change so fast I have to wonder - will I last Through the windows of the train I caught reflections of a paper cup Hanging small in a pale blue sky Never knowing which way's up Above the clouds, what's to be found I have to wonder - will I be around As my anger shouts - at my own self doubt So a sadness creeps - into my dreams When you're scared of living - but afraid to die I get scared of giving - and I must find the faith to bea
  7. You don't have To take this crap You don't have To sit back and relax You can actually try changin' it http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=L1NVhVuDjls Madman Greg
  8. I would strongly disagree with the above bold text. Lots of producer keep old guitars even if they do not play themselves as they produce seriously good recordings If you are talking about recording at home, perhaps, but not with someone that understands mic placement and finding a good spot in the rooom to record as well. Your comment is wrong. Madman Greg
  9. Most people learn to play open G in a standard way. But fingering changes for various songs Pete Townsend likes 320033 for open G and the D to G change in substitute would not sound correct if played in any other way. So you have to use the ring and pinky on the B and E strings Stairway to Heaven (what no stairway !). You have to play the G (3rd fret top E) with your pinky as you need the 3 fingers behind to form the Dsus4 and D chord that follows on from the G Hurt (Johnny Cash), again - you have to play the G (3rd fret top E) with your pinky as it stays there and the 3 fingers b
  10. I thought they were only pleking the custom shop electrics Right now we advertise that we Plek the Les Paul Standard and the Les Paul Traditional, but we're Pleking a lot of other guitars and just not mentioning it," says supervisor McGee. "With two more machines coming, by year-end we'll be running everything through the Plek machines From this web page http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/Features/309-gibson-usa/ and video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kv6KMwCEkI Madman Greg
  11. Apologies to EA for my earlier mistake, I have booked an appointment at the opticians PM, you might like to add this number to your set list http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZ29lKiKHDs Madman Greg
  12. Memo to self : Never let a drunken Aussie anywhere near my guitars Madman Greg
  13. Somehow I do not think 2012 will be the the year of the Sparrow For me if I get the money together its J200 or J185 time... But those are in third place to an ES335 Madman Greg
  14. It’s quite common to play D like that. Especially if you are doing the thing where you lift off the F# to the E (9th) and then add the G (sus4). Quite common is some sixties tunes. Or going from D to Dm7 to Dm or whatever as Wily hinted at. Madman Greg
  15. Guitar looks great. The pickguard is not for me. Cannot see this becoming a classic in any way. Madman Greg
  16. Its your mouth that counts in this instance Madman Greg
  17. People did something similar for one of mine Paul Weller's Rickenbacker 330 'Whaam' Guitar in sponge and icing finish Although its more 360 shape wise if truth be known Madman Greg
  18. Engineers were engineers in those days, they designed and built stuff... The term engineer today is far removed from what those guys did even though it remains. Madman Greg
  19. So true my friend, people often say they are depressed, but really they are just a bit down. If you have had clinical depression, as I suffered following the loss of a loved one for a long time. Then you will know that the dark spiral pulls you down and no matter how hard you try to escape there is no way, or no will that can make that happen Should I write some words for you after that Madman Greg
  20. I would instantly point you to Nick Drake or Tim Harding I think there is some sad stuff in both of their works that might do Whilst not directly related to depression, there are melancholic undertones that could be what you seek I guess a few hours on youtube might be in plan ! Madman Greg
  21. Depression as in a mental illness or economic depression ? Madman Greg
  22. you might try painting superglue on your nails to stop them splitting my cousin who is professional multi instrumentalist does this Madman Greg
  23. sorry not sure I understand your comment Madman Greg
  24. I meant to add as well --- this thread of mine was mixed to 320kbps 44.1 MP3 from 44.1 24 bit then uploaded and is at 128kbps http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/78242-if-you-can-please-listen-to-this-and-comment/ Do you think the problem could lie with your recordings / mixing and not soundclock / sound cloud ??? Madman Greg
  25. 24 bit is preferred for recording as it reduces the noise floor, i.e. more bits than 16 so is a greater scale if that makes sense. So you are OK there for your recordings. Personally I use 44.1 as it saves a bit on disk and I am not sure you can hear that much difference anyway. Remember CDs are 44.1 anyway You would normally mix down / render to a 16 bit file any way, say MP3 / WAV / AIFF or whatever and at 44.1. This would be the most compatible and is where you want to be at. There is a process called dithering which is about reducing the bit depth from 24 to 16 which is important here
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