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  1. No sorry, my name is Greg and the Madman tag came about in my youth... Madman Greg
  2. Fender Strat Plus and Telecaster Love Gibson acoustics, but Fender are my bag electric wise (especially maple necks) Madman Greg
  3. I am not looking for sympathy here, but I was quite ill a year ago. And I have just started getting back into playing / music etc.... The plan is to set up the recording equipment over Christmas and put down most of my next project down But I thought I would do some acoustic demos. Here is the first rough demo, a shorter version that I will record, this is my J45 (with horrible zingy new strings) and a song called Passion, which will be recorded by my project band The Grownup Misfits. http://soundcloud.com/normans-mate/passion-the-grownups-misfits Madman Greg
  4. I use the spectrums but my mate swears by the plectrums. Understand the Dogs thing, it can have two meanings here as well. But as we had the thread where I think EAussie got banned from another forum for mentioning the dogs spherical bits, I had assumed you guys were now well versed in its meaning. And please do give strings a little while to settle in before you condemn them. Madman Greg
  5. I use 12s on my J45 and they sound like heaven in the studio to me but i do not play live, worth a try in my mind in case they are the strings of your dreams -- they have a lot of respect in the industry Madman Greg
  6. So Jinder get out and try these my man once you have tried thomastik, just like trying black there may be no going back Madman Greg
  7. I just thought I would add to my post as I have had a long discussion with a friend on the telephone on this subject, who is a player and industry professional We both agree on Tomastik plectrum or spectrum as being the dogs for acoustics as per my orginal post but he also threw a Spaniard in the works and suggested http://www.stringsdirect.co.uk/products/764-rotosound_super_bronze_previously_country_gold_acoustic_guitar_strings which I have not tried Madman Greg
  8. Mods will be able to the IP address of the userid and correlate, so all I am saying is public computers are best for some sorts of things
  9. please disregard replied to wrong post correct reply added below to correct post
  10. Not specifically for your AJ, but these are one of my favourite strings for acoustics http://www.thomastik-infeld.com/guitars/index.html no problem getting in the UK, order mine online Madman Greg
  11. For drums I would recommend EZDrummer produced by Toontrack, plenty of different kits according to the style you want to produce. Very easy to use, lots of built in patterns that you can just drag and drop into a midi track which drives the EZDrummer virtual instrument (VSTi) in cubase For a bass its going to be midi programming or input via a mid keyboard to drive a virtual instrument (VSTi)or general midi(GM)sounds in your compoter. But with midi you can copy and paste the notes and move up and down the stave once you have a basic pattern, so it can do what you want. Google for free VSTi
  12. Taking a tuner is good advice I do it when I go to buy a new guitar in my poicket so when the sales guy goes away I can check harmonics and individual notes up the neck. A guitar is always compromise where these things are concerned so you do not always get perfection tuning wise, but helps you spot problems. My tuner is a chromatic one. And another major one, get someone else to play it for you, guitars always sound different in the players position so you must listen to it from another perspective. I know these comments are late, but thought I would add as part of this threa
  13. +1 for any Beatles, but I am biased as I live closer to Liverpool than you lot on here I like to think of a set in terms of pace well as content First 3 numbers, good pace numbers, little talking in between, play them straight off, get those feet tapping. Can then go for some medium pace stuff The slow it down before the finish Then onto the last few numbers, big finale, good pace numbers song along etc….. The for the encore if needed (and always plan this bit) A slower song to come back with The two good pace songs to go out on (ideally sing along – American Pie
  14. One year old today Madman Greg
  15. Well I was going to say on the other thread, The Dogs, or The Dog Dangly Bits or the Dogs Bollox is quite a common term in the UK for somethat is sh@t hot....... but it disappeared.. Perhaps 1984 does exist in some places. Two nations separated by one language and all that.......... Madman Greg
  16. They do sound good. There is a bass version coming soon, which will suit me good space wise. The only pitfall I would point out is the amp does have phantom power for condenser mics, but its only 12v, so will not work with every mic. But provided you know you can get a mic that will work with 12v. Madman Greg
  17. suggest you also look a these http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjsQxxPe8rc Madman Greg
  18. I was a kid in the 60s so the Fabs touched my life from an early age. To say I love The Beatles would be an understatement and to say I am obsessed with John Lennon would be so close to the truth. I recently sat through the Anthology DVD as a lead up to John’s Birthday. I make a point of playing all the Beatles LPs once per year normally as winter approaches which is the time of year I do most recording, it sort of gets me in the mood. The Beatles always have and always will be part of my life. Thank you John and George who are sadly lost and departed. And of course Paul and
  19. Not exactly like inverting. You need to examine the wav forms and time nudge them into line. Inverting will shift the phase by 180 degrees (i.e turn the wave form upside down), this is only going to be different by a short amount of time only. You may not think you have a problem but it will make some difference Madman_Greg
  20. You need to recognise that the signal from mic and the signal from the pickup will arrive at the workstation and be recorded at slightly different times. This can produce a pleasing effect sort of phasing), but as the two signals will be out of phase time wise there can be some phase cancallation or comb filtering, which can affect the tone (quite drastically in some cases) The fix is simply is that you time align the wave forms in your DAW hope this helps MadmanGreg
  21. Mate, there is only one way to bond with your guitar and that is to play it until you know every inch of it and can play it without looking at the fretboard for example. Now when you get back from Oz, your fingers will have lost some hardening. An easy way of getting this back on your return rather than play your acoustics, would be to play ‘The Paul’ for a week and nothing else. Should be easier on your fingers than the acoustics. I get what people are saying about amps, but I would not advocate you go and spend 800 Euro€or whatever. Use what you have got amplification wise or get so
  22. I think the sound fitted with the song. I have used an SM57 or SM58 for recording acoustic and you do not get the definition that you would get with a condenser mic, but that the name of the game with this sort of dynamic mic, its what it does and why it is so popular in micing electric guitar, sort of takes the sharp edges off. If you want more clarity / defintion then you would need to try a SDC or LDC mic Madman Greg
  23. I need the newest Gibson acoustic model its called the Ultimate 10+ It makes your playing sound 10x better than you can actually play Madman Greg
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