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    Steinberger in general what's new and vintages. Progresive, avant-garde metal. Space rock. Post rock.
    No knife edged floating bridges and different king of guitar bridges. I'll learn how to create metal pieces and I'll make my own bridges.
  1. Custom, means it is customizable? I mean, i am not into high gain, more into medium, and EMGs are extra high gain. Custom does it mean only color changes? Anyone bringing some light to this topic?
  2. I think that I understand you problem: You adjust everything bla bla bla F# stays in perfect tune, D the same but then you go back to standard E and it's no perfect tunning or not even close. and F and D# are closer but not perfect. I never tried but I'm pretty sure that the screw below the tuners are the main thing. I think that the little one unlocks the big one (like when adjusting action and octavage). So you loose it. And then if you look what's there below the big screw, there is a stair (the one that let the guitar get locked in other tunes... That mean something I think (and
  3. hahhaha funny guy xD I did it! :P As you can see I'm the autor of this manual xD Glad to see someone uses it! But As I said there I haven't tried yet if it works for this or not. It's a topic no-one seems to reply because it's not in the original manual those gibson guys are laughing at us for sure.
  4. I've been asking myself What's the use of those two screws. I suppose that they are for adjusting the transpose element in tune. the superior screw unlocks and the one below inside the square adjusts. Any one could tell me if am I right or wrong? I wouldn't like to break the bridge it would be gross. Then how works in each direction? Thanks
  5. haha cool, My TT3 looks exactly the same! all the positions!
  6. You talk truths. My ZT3 arrived with no previous set up of the trus rod and the action was really high (it was unpleasing to play it as it was). I don't know if it was the guitar or the pick ups, but zero sustain. The inside wires bad solded (but they worked correctly). The input of the jack is really unstable, the thread of the input is always falling. The little hex key of the guitar is too little for the knob. The locker of the one-ball strings can't hold the string and it slides down. The zer fret is really soft (well I don't know if that's and error or if it is always like this) and ha
  7. Whoa Be.Em I've seen you by here and read you, you're really well informated about steinbergers , arent you? Someone told me about a Spirit that owns, that has the body of an M (pre-gibson). You know this specficiations , I've been searching but I havent found anything, I think that is from 2001 (it is an speculation). If this exist and the guy didn't fool me, he says he sell it by 400€ (maybe 500$), because I don't find any info I don't feel like buying it. I'd like to know the specifications, the original price, the bridge quality (I don't want some chinese cheap faulty bridge). The stro
  8. tosom

    ZT3 Pickups

    Nothing close to EMG They are kramer and I disliked them. The action that comes from the dealer is as high as the distance between marth and the earth and the pickups has no grace at all for me. Both things I disliked I changed.
  9. Why it is not a good deal? Well for example I'm interested in some pre-gibson steinberger...
  10. well, when I bought it the action it is really high. But I adjusted a little bit the truss rod, and lowed the action really low. The result, in my highest fret (24th) the distance is 2mm between fret and string in the low E string. and in the high-pitch E string only 1 mm. It is the most comfortable guitar to adjust that I've used before. But seeing the kind of guitar you like I don't think that the sound will fit you, I had to change my pickups because the one's that weas the guitar are really bad for distortion. And well, I didn't like them the sound , I am mostly a metal rock player. Anot
  11. okay, you low the position of E string and you loose the strings, till here sure you've done right. Then the first socket to put the first ball will be the headpiece and then the bridge. If you do those things well we go to the most specialized aspects. Depending the height of the black pieces were you attach the string balls (in th e bridge)-the ones that you use to stabilize the tune different to E - can give you more difficulties when restringing. If it is what I think the problem, that it's hard to stabilize the black piece, use whatever thing (chopsticks (stupid example but you un
  12. I had a problem too, they sent me one zt3 that had the bridge broken, the system of transposingcould not work. Then they replaced and it went well but I've lost half a year or more waiting for the first and then being replaced. This aren't errors but thigns I didn't like but they can be resolved easily. I had to readjust the guitar neck and string action because it was really high, not worth for my playing style but it was hipereasy to adjust it, really good results. And the bridge pickup I'll change it for a dimarzio andytimmons. Too blusy or jazzy for me. Good luck with the replacem
  13. When you talks about twang (I'm not used with this terminology) I supose you talk about the accent with the bridge pickup (overall), It has a sharp attack. I thought that it would be good for rythmic music and with an autoWah it becomes crazier, I apologize for saying that it wouldn't fit any style, it's more like the sound doesn't fit the playing I like. With more fat sound. But it is really wierd for me, it is like a really thin and bright sound. For playing another brick in the wall of Pink Floyd it's perfect that really true. Thanks for share your opinion, I hope more people say wha
  14. I was really disappointed with the humbuckers. I think they are not good for any playing stile. They are not worth the guitar price. For me, a prog metal based player I'll buy some diMarzio pickups. I'm really annoyed. What you feel about those custom gibson pickups?
  15. I'm on my way to put DiMarzio,I'll put a PAF JOE in the neck and an AT-1 on the bridge. I'm a metal player but love the progressive and the possibility to change styles and play with clean and clear sounding pickups. THe PAF will give lots of powah to the grave riffs and the other one will make the magic with a more jazzy sound. I think them will growl like the best guitar in the world!! jajajja But if you combine them you will have to put some resistence or I don't know what in the PAF because it will sound with more volume when you change the configuration. So good luck with wha
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