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    You should say..."The guitar is allegedly now in the..."
  2. Ok...first off NO the guitar was NOT in a fire, neither is that "soot" on the guitar. I happen to have a 1974 LP Deluxe Gold Top that I purchased new. The discoloration you're seeing there is a common occurance with the Gold Top guitars. I have seen instances of Gold Tops from 1950's through 1970's that have that look. What has happened is one of a couple of things: either the binding has separated from the top finish, allowing the "Gold" to tarnish OR the finish has worn through and allowed it to tarnish. It's common for gold paints and even gold coins to have some copper added to the gold. My guess is that Gibson had gold paint that has some amount of copper in it...and when it gets exposed to air and moisture it tarnishes. It's similar to a patina you find on copper and bronze statues. The knobs look close to stock. Mine are also reflector style, but lack the lettering on the one pictured. The bridge looks the same as mine. I can't tell from that angle if the posts are bent though as someone else stated. I would need to see a side shot of the bridge. I've never heard or seen the nylon inserts spoken of, but I've never seen a stock '71 so I can't personally say. I know from checking the Vintage Guitar Price Guide that my 1974 was listed at about $3500 USD. Mine is in considerably better condition that the one you have pictured. Modifications drop the price and finish imperfections drop it even more. I think they have that guitar way overpriced. Its in pretty rough shape. Check these guys out...they are one of the top vintage dealers in the US...this will give you some idea of prices and conditions: http://www.gruhn.com/
  3. I use the Gibson Vintage strings on both my LP Deluxe and my R9 and won't use anything else. I've got the Gibson Humbucker strings on my Flying V and they're great. I've used PRS strings that came stock on my PRS Santana and then switched to D'Addario and they're ok...still looking for a better string for that guitar. I believe I also have the D'Addario medium Jazz strings (13-56) on my Gretsch. As far as the Elixir strings are concerned, that's all I use on all my Taylors. Never had any trouble with them as far as webbing coming apart or any other problems. evol's problem might be personal body chemistry or playing technique. I've been playing for 37 years now and have tried most brands (Ernie Ball, Fender, Gibson, GHS, DR, D'Angelico and probably a few other brands that aren't around any more) and I seem to have found the ones that work for me. It's up to you to find what sounds and plays best for you. Happy Hunting!
  4. A guy I know that plays bass for us (and he also plays guitar) uses them...he loves them. I've been using Solid Cables with my R9 and I love them. Check them out at http://www.solidcables.com/
  5. Dude...quite a few! 19 of our 44 Presidents have been 6' tall or taller. Abraham Lincoln was the tallest at 6' 4".
  6. Hey...it was the '60s dude. Here's the explanation for the song: As someone who actually has spoken to Pete Brown, perhaps I can offer a couple of pieces of information. Firstly, Disraeli Gears is a corruption of "derailleur gears", which many of us had on our racing bikes in those days. Yes, Disraeli was a UK prime minister in the Victorian era, but the album name was just a play on words. And it did come from Mick the roadie. Secondly, S.W.L.A.B.R . stands for She Walks Like A Bearded Rainbow. According to Pete (who after all, was the lyricist), the song title came from an incident when flowers were delivered one day to his flat. Jack Bruce had ordered them for his then girlfriend, but hadn't specified the type of flower. When the bouquet arrived, the chemically-enhanced pair of songwriters were impressed. Pete was particularly taken by the way the long stems of the flowers swayed around. He told Jack that the flowers reminded him of the way girls walk. The flowers turned out to be Irises - a variety known as "Bearded Rainbow". The rest is in the song. - Alan, LONDON, England Pete Brown is the guy who wrote the song and Cream used it on their album. http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=1364 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pete_Brown
  7. Interesting...I haven't seen a Thompson Center pistol in quite a while...the bottom one looks like the Contender model.
  8. What kind of crack are you on anyway? People use pistols for hunting boar all the time. Check out this site...they even have knife hunts (if you have the huevos for it). http://www.affordablehoghunts.com/gun_hunts.htm And by the way...the guy I trained both our dogs with went hunting Russian Boar in Missouri with a pistol...so it isn't BS.
  9. Don't know why Frampton is on there now...he HAD great hair...all gone now.
  10. She's just another lying sack.
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