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  1. Man your 12 string is sweet. Would love to own a guitar like that..... I love the chime on a 12er. Hope you have some christmas VaCa to get aquainted.
  2. Here is my P90 guitar. I found it at the ohio guitar show. It's a 2008 GOTW I think they called it a 67 tribute? But looks like a 62? It's a beautiful heritage cherry, looks like a brownish red. Looks different in different lighting? Next to it is my 2005 LP Standard LE in sante fe sunrise. Both with chuncky necks.
  3. I have a 2005 les paul with a 50's neck which seemed wide till I got a 2008 SG with P90's, with a fat and deep neck. That neck even feels more comfortable in my hands. I have a friend that let me borrow a strat of his which was like a top end of a baseball bat, too much neck.
  4. If you grew up in ohio it would have to be Joe walsh with the James Gang and Phil Keaggy with Glass Harp. I remember seeing Joe Walsh at these "teen fairs" they had in downtown cleveland in the late 60's. He had the best guitar tone, of a Les Paul thru a Marshall Phil Keaggy was always ahead of his time for guitar playing. He was also a huge Mike Bloomfield fan. I remember seeing Glass harp opening up for Grand Funk Railroad. Blew them off the stage.
  5. The only bad thing with a parts guitar. its that, a parts guitar. IF you would decide to sell it, you won't get much for it. In fact, I had to part out my fender lead series parts guitar. And didn't get back the money I put into it. Like somebody else said find a good used Tele.
  6. I love Robben Ford also. I wish I knew of him when the album "Talk to your daughter" came out. I heard a live version on youtube a few years back. I even bought a Dumble copy amp. Love the song "poor poor me". One of my favorite solo's....
  7. People probably don't know her but, Sass Jordan. The lady can rock. Look on you tube for "Make you a believer".
  8. Tis a beauty. Gorgeous woodgrain. Let me know when U get tired of it? LOL
  9. tc rocker

    sg p90

    Yup Thats the one. I'll try photobucket?
  10. tc rocker

    sg p90

    I took some pix with my I phone, Gibby sight said they were to big?
  11. tc rocker

    sg p90

    Hi Fellow Gibsonians I went to the ohio guitar show yesterday. I saw a gibson SG with P90's on it. Its more like a brownish red? I've went researching this guitar last night and found out its a 2008 #37 guitar of the month sg? Salesman said it was rare, possibly custom shop with about 400 built? Does any body know what the list price on one of these was? What they sold for? It came in a nice white lined case. I figured at least its not in a gig bag. With so many variances with GIbsons especially SG's Hope I didn't get too ripped? This is my 1st SG.
  12. I saw one of these "reverb the marketplace". Nice guitars on there, pretty pricey prices, on there
  13. A friend of mine is a luthier. He builds electric and acoustic guitars. He buys wood from "Luthiers Mercantile". You can find them online. They carry all kinds of wood, and they describe the tones of the woods your looking at. My friend also says to find woods that are air dried and dried at less that 10 percent. With no use of any chemicals to show up the wood grains in pictures. I'm looking to have a acoustic with Myrtlewood back and sides. Another good place for wood is "Cook Woods". And "Superior tonewoods" is a good one. Ive been reseaching alot for woods.
  14. There a place in cleveland called 'Happy Dog" with about 50 varieties of toppings. I like the chorizo sloppy joe topping. Also they have great tater tots, with a bunch of toppings. I had them with a chipotely coffee topping. Yummy......
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