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  1. I live in the area, but about 50 miles north of DC. A lot depends on what you want to do and how you're getting here. I'll assume you're wanting to do the downtown DC Smithsonian type stuff. The closer you stay to a metro station the happier you will be. DC traffic sucks and parking is expensive. Metro is a great way to get around. The closest station to Georgetown is a long walk to Georgetown. Somebody mentioned Crystal City and that's a nice choice. There are some nice hotels in DC, but pricey. If you're flying into National there's a metro station right there. Old town Alexandria is nice. You can save some hotel money and stay further out. If you have a car most of the suburban metro stations have parking. It can be a fairly long ride downtown is the down side.
  2. Wow! That is beautiful!
  3. Thanks for the nice words, everybody! Some beautiful J-45 pics too! The more I play the more I love it. I think I've found my forever acoustic.
  4. It's a lot shinier than I expected. Just a step or 2 down from full gloss. In some lighting it looks kinda not smooth, almost like brush strokes. Gibson pump polish works really well on it, but I'm trying not to polish much. It shows fingerprints. A lot of how it looks is light dependent. Really having a hard time putting it down.
  5. I joined the Gibson Acoustic family recently. I had played a J-45 and it haunted me ever since. I started looking somewhat seriously and listed/sold my Taylor, so it was time! I bought the last J-45 Standard Red Spruce VOS that Sweetwater had in stock. Seems like limited production and it sits between the Standard and TV models. I was really hesitant to buy an acoustic on line, but as usual Sweetwater was great. My sales engineer played the guitar I bought along with a few Standards, Customs and Songwriters. He felt like the VOS was the pick of the bunch, so that's the 1 I took. After playing it for a couple of days I think he was right! Really loving the sound. The action is comparable to the Taylor it replaced and I don't think there's any more classic look. All this in under 4 pounds. I'm super happy with it. It was expensive, but really no more than a comparable Taylor or Martin. It has the LR Baggs Element pickup system. I plugged it into my Blackstar HT1R and it sounded nice. Kicked up the gain and was rocking Black Sabbath on an acoustic. Overdriven the sound is really unique. Definitely still on the honeymoon, but couldn't be happier! Sweetwater's pics were better, but here she is:
  6. I should add that as much of a PITA as Worlds Guitar was to deal with trying to get my refund I do not believe that they shipped the guitar with the neck cracked. My timing in ordering it was poor (4 days before Christmas) and although Fedex didn't have it long they probably dropped the box flat, causing the crack. There was no support under the headstock, but it was in the Gibson case, surrounded by bubble wrap in a box. There was no damage to the box. The damage to the headstock and the fact that it was touched up is a different story. Had the neck not been cracked I would have lived with it, although I think it makes the condition less than excellent. The guitar played and sounded great. They also changed the description on their web site after I bought it. I have before and after screen shots. Coupled with the way they acted when I was trying to get my refund makes me sure to avoid them in the future.
  7. Glad it worked out for you! They do have some nice guitars. Just really difficult if there's a problem.
  8. On 12/21/14 I purchased an ebony 2009 LP Traditional Pro from Worlds Guitar, located in Harrisburg, PA. It arrived via Fedex on 12/23/14 with a cracked neck. My dealings with the seller in trying to get a refund and knowing that it was returned to them lead me to believe that they may repair it and not disclose the repair. Consider this posting as a PSA. I did eventually get my refund, thanks to paypal buyer protection. It was described as excellent condition and the ebay listing (I bought direct from their website, but initially found it on ebay) stated "NO PAINT CHIPS NO CRACKS NO REPAIRS WAS WELL MAINTAINED". The seller was REALLY unpleasant to deal with and I don't want them to get away with not disclosing a repair. The serial number is 020390322. Here it is in the case: Serial Number (Photoshopped to my meager ability to make as visible as possible): A couple of headstock shots to aid in identification: Neck Cracks:
  9. I bought it because it has so many tonal possibilities and it does not disappoint. The Sidewinder neck pup is very P-90ish, but with no hum at all. Both pickups are split and there's a 15 dB boost built in. Tons and tons of possibilities. I really love the neck split with the boost on. It gives that classic P-90 growl and it's super sensitive to picking pressure. I'm real happy with it, but I even like the Min-etune.
  10. @tinman - You obviously have impeccable taste! Love the birdseye in that top! Very nice.
  11. Posting this because I have not seen a lot of info on the Futura and thought it might help folks who are considering them. During my search for a new LP I really considered a Futura. I went with the more "Traditional" Studio Pro, but was still pretty intrigued with the odd combination the Futura offers, so said WTF and pulled the trigger. I could not find 1 locally to check out, but was confident with buying from Sweetwater. 2 new LPs in 2 weeks! It's definitely an odd combination: - Modern weight relief mahogany body/maple cap - Asymmetrical '60s maple neck - Burst Bucker 3 bridge pup - Sidewinder P-90 neck pup - Push/push coil taps for both pickups - Push/push 15db boost - Min-E-Tune I've seen some conflicting info on line. Some places say the neck is mahogany, Gibson says maple and it looks like maple to me. I read somewhere that the non-push/push tone pot is master tone, but both pots operate like a normal LP. Fit and finish is very good. There's a bit of a "crease" between the fretboard and neck, but it's purely cosmetic and is probably due to the thin finish. The finish is (obviously) not nearly as nice as the full gloss Studio Pro. Interesting figure in the top, with quite a few mineral streaks. Pacific Blue Fade is a pretty unusual color. The neck is fat for a '60s, but nowhere near '50s. Plays really nice. I can't feel any difference between the Studio Pro and Futura. My Futura had the driest fret board I've ever seen, so I changed the strings and gave it a drink of lemon oil and a couple of tweaks to the setup. The electronics work great. Really interesting set of tonal possibilities. The P-90 tapped with the boost on is just a great sound. The P-90 is really quiet compared to regular P-90s, but still has the grunt. Lots of great possibilities and I'm sure there's more to find. Playing the bridge for rhythm and hitting the boost for solos is really effective too. This is my 2nd min-e-tune guitar. It seems to bother a lot of people. I have no problem with it and like the ease of getting in/out of alternate tunings. Interestingly, this 1 had a real problem with the low E, but after using it a while it straightened out. It's also got the dreaded 120th Anniversary inlay. A lot of people are really upset about it. If you didn't know it was there it would be easy to not even notice. Personally, I like it, but I have 2 guitars with it, so consider the source. So, bottom line - Definitely worth consideration. Probably not a good replacement for a traditional LP, but it does open up a bunch of different tonal possibilities. Also wouldn't be a great modding platform, because the electronics package pretty well defines it, so not a lot of sense in changing it. I'm really happy with it. Here's my 2014 Studio Pro in Black Cherry Pearl. Lovely and very traditional LP playing and sounding.
  12. Will check out a trophy shop - great idea!
  13. @cjsinla - Thanks! I wonder how many have the gap vs don't? I will say mine's not going anywhere. It's too good of a player to be upset by a tiny flaw. I'll probably take a Sharpie to it at the next string change.
  14. Can someone who doesn't have the gap please post a pic? Thanks in advance!
  15. My Original has that same gap. When I brought it up to Sweetwater they went and checked the 1 other they had in stock and it had it also. I was going to try to make a new spacer, but never bothered. The guitar plays great and it's barely noticeable. It dawned on me while typing this that a little black sharpie would make it disappear.
  16. Here's a shot of the PC board in my 2013 50s Tribute LP. 4 conductor P-90s. I wonder if they can be tapped?
  17. During the blowout madness a couple of weeks ago my gas for a P-90 Les Paul got the best of me and I bought a 50s Tribute with Min-ETune from Sweetwater. If there had been a choice I would not have gotten Min-ETune, but all of the 50s Tributes had it. I'm real happy with the guitar overall and it scratched the P-90 LP itch nicely. So on to Min-ETune - I've never had any trouble tuning my guitars. I do use a Snark because it's so convenient. Min-ETune is kind of liking taking the Snark to the next level. Overall I find the system quite useful in the week or so I've been playing with it. To "touch up" the tuning you are currently in, like when you first pick up the guitar you simply turn it on, strum all the strings, let it do its thing and then hit any individual strings that it didn't get just right. My experience so far has been that's there's always at least 1 string that needs a 2nd pluck. I mainly play in standard tuning. I use E flat sometimes and Open G sometimes. This is where the system really shines. A few button presses, a strum and a couple of plucked strings and you're in an alternate tuning. Same process for the trip back. I've played in alternate tunings quite a bit since I got it because it's so easy to go back and forth. So overall I find it useful and am happy to have it on this guitar. I'm not retrofitting it on to other guitars and have no plans to. Likewise, I'm not removing it from my Tribute and fitting standard tuners. Tuning stability is fine and mine has yet to lose its mind, although it's only been a week. A few other points: - It only came with the quick reference card, which is enough to get going, but you have to download the manual that covers string changing, etc. I just thought that was kind of cheesy on Gibson's part. - It uses a rechargeable battery and came with a charger and all kinds of power adapters. The battery has to be removed to be charged. There is a battery indicator so you know when you need to charge. - I have not changed strings yet, but it's an entirely different operation. It does have a winder function that should be pretty handy. - There is a limited amount of information available on the Min-ETune and a lot of available options - 3 banks of 6 tunings each. You need to memorize what is where for the tunings you want and/or keep the quick reference card handy. - Gibson claims 15 second tuning. Staying in the same tuning is at least that quick, changing tunings takes longer, maybe 30 seconds max. Pics or it didn't happen:
  18. Here's a pic and 1 of the whole guitar for good measure. I can add a nut on the backside to lower them, so not a big deal. Loving the guitar!
  19. Late to this party. I just got mine last night from Sweetwater. For those who have these - Do your control knobs have a big gap under them? Mine look like they used long shaft pots where they should have been short. The knobs are well off of the body and the nuts, washers, etc. are clearly visible. Just curious if this is normal or I got something strange.
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