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  1. your statement above proves your stupid and i am not about to educate in idiot, lets start off by stating, DONT START A THREAD ASKING FOR OPINIONS AND GET HOSTILE WHEN PEOPLE DONT KISS YOUR OPINIONS A $ $ you missed my point with my first post but somehow managed to stumble over and regurgitate what I was getting at. no two guitars sound the same! no no matter how old you are, arrogant, narrow minded, self opinionated and dismissive of others you will always look like an idiot to others, do some reading and come back when you have more of an idea what you are talking about and
  2. thats what i found, the VOS R8's 7's and 9's are all premium models with aluminum stop bars ABR-1's among other differences (some have longer neck tennons) from what I have played and worked on the original designs sound right to my ears, however gibsons premium in my opinion are too high for the VOS R8 etc, most of the 'extra's' can be completed on a modern model for a fraction of the cost I agree experiement if you can, i made some mistakes in purchases (TP6!!!) but I found some great pieces of hardware that have changed the tone and response of my guitars and found hardware that is
  3. 'In your opinion' your statement including the epiphone vs gibson comment show me your lacking some experience, in my opinion. If we were all penny pinchers that never tried to experiement with ideas both new and old to find what works for us then we would all sound and be the same, again in my opinion
  4. the stop bar http://www.tokaiguitar.de/xtcommerce/index.php?cat=c7_Tailpiece.html and the locking kit http://www.tokaiguitar.de/xtcommerce/index.php?cat=c9_-Tone-Lock--Kits.html
  5. yeah, just my opinion but the white ring looks odd to me, i had this battle with my ebony trad, i also though about removing it but the finish wasnt fully dried before they put the ring on!!! so i took the black ring and removed the treble and rhythm, looks good to me, i agree the before look was TOO black that it didnt pop like it does now
  6. dont bother with it, its actually not based on the AFD its based on slashs first chris derrig copy that slash sold to a pawn shop for drugs, he got the second later from his manager during the AFD sessions (if you do some research on the original afd guitar you'll notice the difference especially the finishes. also it has a nashville bridge and zamak stopbar, the AFD had an ABR-1 and aluminum stopbar as the derrig replicas where copies of a 59'. The pickups are right though
  7. Thomann are great i went over to get a 335 from them, I had issues with my card being used over there so spent awhile with the guitar guys. 80% of their stock remains in the warehouse (i had to wait an hour for them to bring them from the warehouse to the showroom the site was HUGE) they said that they do open them when they receive them give an inspection then seal them up again until they are sold or someone wants to specifically play that guitar. customs do open them. thomann have a great returns policy, no two guitars are ever the same even if they are the next number
  8. i changed all mine over, there is a subtle difference, but to really get a different sound with the clarity and tone that i like, i changed the nashville to a callaham abr-1 steel billet (i plug the holes with maple and re-drill) locking lightweight aluminium stop bar and historic 50's wiring with oil in paper and quality pots, i measure and match the pot values with regards to tolerances and choice either a 300k or 500k for the neck pickup to get the tone i prefer i fixed a number of problems on an SG doing this and a unique sounding les paul. what works for some may not be w
  9. apologies for coming in late on the topic im a lefty player, only like gibsons too I have an SG, 335 and a Les Paul all custom wiring pickups tuners to my preference what you want to talk about? Gibson Keep the lefties coming!!! dont stop!!!!
  10. the Blackstar guys were engineers at Marshall too but Marshall wanted to stay with tradition (ha Vintage modern is traditional?) all us Blackstar players could have still been Marshall devotees
  11. yes I have worked on acoustics with zero frets, I was discussing an issue with nuts with someone else not so long ago. It would be an improvement I agree as it would balance the fretted strings with the open strings when played together as there is an audible difference when compared along with reducing issues caused by the nut My issue with the TP6 and the Nashville bridges are the movement in the pieces and the materials used to manufacture them. I could go into loads of details but i'll keep it short. They are made from Zamak, a metal composite very much like Die-Cast and in my opinion
  12. I used DR Pure Blues on my 335 and had major issues, intonation was all over the place, dull lifeless tone, i was really dissapointed maybe i got a bad set I dont know otherwise D'Addario has NEVER let me down or broken on me like Slinkys
  13. no they dont install that, its a pretty easy mod to do as it contains adding a resister in the circuit by both volume pots
  14. Angellus


    if the guitar tech cant round off the frets without removing the fret nibs (binding) then take it to someone else
  15. just to confirm yes my 2001 SG Standard came with 490/498
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