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  1. i actually am experimenting too! i switched to a set of Rotosound 9's! they feel pretty darn good. whatcha doin w your Gibson 12?
  2. i've always used Lights on my J-50. what is the Gibson recommended string guage for this model?
  3. Ah, i see. Oh well, i think I'll keep mine as-is. For now...
  4. One just like Lennon used frequently. The Sunburst one with the volume and tone knobs on it.
  5. Good story and good deal on the guitar. Congrats! Even though you dipped into some college funds i think you did the right thing. You'd have always wondered if that guitar was The One....Haha..
  6. Hmm...May very well have made the improvement in recent years...
  7. So many times i have been told a J-50 is essentially a natural (no Sunburst) J-45. From what i can see this is fairly accurate But i was checking out a new J-45 at a guitar shop and saw it comes with a volume control just inside the soundhole. My J-50 is equipped with a pick up as well...bit No volume control dial inside the soundhole. Is the volume control something J-45's have always had or is that a more recent development? I'm kinda bummed i don't have one..the pickup sounds great but would be nice to have more control on the guitar rather than the amp.
  8. congrats! do we get a prize when we reach 1,0000 posts? or an intervention? :unsure:
  9. Just wondering if anyone has used pins from this company david warther & co ? I hear so much about Colosi pins greatness and wish I had done more research, as Colosi and Gibson seem to go hand in hand. For the record I DO love my warther & co. abalone-topped bone pins dearly, but was wondering what their reputation is in the guitarist/Gibson community?
  10. Oh my. I'd want a vintage Gibson of the sort Lennon played in the early '60's. I forget the model #.
  11. i just cut my gums to shreds on a D'addario string. next time i'm flossing with Elixirs!
  12. ah, well you're off to a good start with the SJ-200!
  13. awoooooooooo!!!!! yowwwwlllllll!! awwoo-Woo-Wooooo! (sound of dogs howling; much more preferable to that version of Sounds of Silence.)
  14. ahh, another member of the small group of long-suffering lefties! glad to meet you. my J-50 is a 2001, i believe....
  15. you can actually see the guitar in use here: https://designedbyexperts.com/people/designedbyexperts/index.jsp the link takes you to the main page, just click on the luke bryan video to see the Gibson he's calling a J-50 in the ad.
  16. OK, here are the scans as best as my primitive brain can make happen on this new-fangled "computer."
  17. Haha. Sure. I'll upload the ad when i get home from work tonight!
  18. The J-50 model has been absent from Gibson's website for quite some time now...was wondering if it's officially no longer made or now called something else? I was flipping through the latest Entertainment Weekly and saw an ad for some floss (yes as in dental care) featuring some young country star spokesman playing what appears to be a brand new Gibson. The ad even mentions the model number in the text as part of the overall campaign of comparing a Gibson's exacting standards to the standards of making dental floss. Kinda funny. But yes, so again.....is the J-50 still in production??
  19. I use Rotosound strings on my Rickenbacker. Love them. U.K. made. I have never tried their acoustic strings yet. I need to.
  20. ahhh! sorry, i missed that bit at #28 comment. thanks, that does clarify a bit---and i think i know what ya mean!
  21. Can you please elaborate? I've never heard of this term, "the Gibson thump." Is this a test thump one makes on the guitar body to check the resonance?
  22. Just curious about the string preferences out there. Do you have a brand you use religiously? Is it anyone's preference to Only use Gibson-made strings on Gibson instruments? I always used Gibson brand strings (the J-200 pack) until the shop I frequented stopped carrying them. I have flitted from brand to brand since. Recently tried the Red brand strings but didn't care for them.
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