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    totally nuts about electric hollow body guitars, love and own 2 motorcycles one hog and a 1971 750K Honda chopper. I'm a working artist: I exhibit fine arts, prefer painting landscape and wild animals in oil or 1930s style pen and ink, I also do graphic art on mac computers. Love old classic movies circa 1930 through 1950s. I enjoy searching the internet, and blogs, But I'm at my best just lounging around with my puppy dogs, drinking ice-cold soda, and workin' on my guitar chops.
  1. Hello, Fellow Babies, I agree with you, sparquelito, it is way easier to handle the money filing as an individual. Keeping track of all the expenses is a real buzz-kill. When I first started out I was pretty sloppy about keeping business records; after all, I was 14 or 15 years old and the money I earned was small potatoes. It piled up fast cause my parents were still carrying my freight. Well, my outstanding character flaw/philosophy is that if it isn't important to me, who cares? Well, after some office visits, way more scrutiny than I wanted, protracted discussions, and a l
  2. Hello, Fellow Babies, showmetheway, I enjoy watching baseball. And it doesn't have to major league. When I was a kid my dad used to take us to some of the games that the enlisted men from the fleet played against teams from other ships, squadrons, or bases. After the game was over, everybody sat around for a picnic with hotdogs, potato chips, and soda. I know the adults had beer and steaks. But the cool thing about the adults of my childhood was that they all had a sense of propriety. A few people overdid the beer, but nobody drank until their *** fell off. It was all fun, and kid
  3. Hello, Fellow Babies, and Wow, man, ksdaddy, Got no doubts the driver was traveling at his top speed. Looks like they may have plowed through some saplings and then flipped. I'm surprised they walked away... Reminds me of a visit to a friend living on a stretch of k68 between Louisburg and Ottawa. Wow. Really rural, miles of rolling hills, warehouses and farms, mail boxes sitting along the road with street address, on average in two inch letters. Well, the catch is that is a really, really narrow, secondary truck route with an unbelievable speed limit… I'm not the tough, eagle-eye
  4. Hello, Fellow Babies, Guitar God, I am sorry for the loss of your pet. I enjoy talking about guitars, never get tired of the conversations or the activities, but I love talking about my pets. I'm glad were share the interest in music, but I cannot understand people who are so emotionally stunted that they unable to understand the depth of commitment and emotion that dogs evoke. I lost my my babies two years ago in February. Foxy fought a long battle with cancer, and Ladybug had to be put to sleep. I did not want to do this, but she was still crying after the vet gave her a power
  5. Hello, Fellow Babies, It would be outta your way, but a very interesting trip. Actually an incredible trip by van or motorcycle. I'm suggesting you look up the "Lincoln Highway". It is a bunch of old, pre-interstate highways, linking downtown SanFrancisco to it's terminus at 42nd Street min New York. Ir's actually the first transcontinental road for cars that was started as a promotion to market cars back in 1913. It passes through about 700 towns and cities. There are attractions all along it's length; mostly because the original highways were never replaced by interstates, and
  6. But, Fellow Babies, stein, why would you even accept the notion that RCT was deliberately installing Windows 10?! That was clearly a cry for help Everybody knows that's code for, "the terrorist's done got me!" Call Home land now!
  7. Hello, Fellow Babies. Embarrassing, I can only honestly discuss this under an assumed name. --- since Ladybug and Foxy chewed my leather sofa and barrel chair, on it's best days, my house is sort of cowboy bunkhouse. Like a lot of others, The economy hit hard,and I had to refinance my house --- which I had finally paid off in 2004! The place could use some fixing beyond survival repairs. But ya gotta love that duct tape…
  8. Hello, again Fellow Babies, I almost overlooked the sentence where you uestioned the type of solder necessary for the job. The industry is moving to solder with less lead, so it has a higher melting tempature. But the most important feature that concerns you is that the solder must have a rosin core. Acid core is used for plumbing.
  9. Hello, Fellow Babies, Hey pappy, in case it wasn't really clear-- you want a small, low powered soldering iron, not a heavy duty gun. It'll do good job of soldering, but you can fry all the other parts of the circuit. Remember that heat CAN travel through the circuit, The heat spreads very quickly from your soldering point to the other pots and the pickups. So rather than replace all the electrics think small iron, not big gun. For added safety, you might want at least two heat sinks. These have alligator tips and can be clipped onto the wires leading to and from the pot you are s
  10. Hello, Fellow Babies I thank you all for your responses. Looking for the easy "fix" rarely works better than the real remedy that may be costly in terms of time and money; but, hey, looking for the easy way is my nature. Ok, a quick background. I'm fairly familiar with the guitar because I restored the body (sanding, filling holes and depressions, refinishing - so long ago -about 1980/1981 - I don't remember the finish I used) selected the electronics, and bought a new neck. It might sound uncharacteristic to you guys, for me to claim ignorance - about anything. But I cannot tel
  11. Hey, Fellow Babies, Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I know you've all missed my curly blond hair and bright blue eyes -- can't help being a little ray of sunshine… Anyway, I come asking advice from the mighty Gibson oracle. Now about my truss rod... Got a Gibson copy with a broken headstock. This was glued back in place sans the truss rod with the predictable result. Even with super slinky strings, the neck bows; so lousy fingering and intonation. I know that the usual procedure is to steam away the finger board to place the rod in the trough. But the rod really, re
  12. hello, Fellow Babies, I've been dealing with Windows OS for years. The only thing I can say -- I loved the movie Jurassic Park, and I/m so glad they didn't screw it up by trying to add a 3-D effects. That is so cheesy! But of all the CGI and special effects, I found the hardest to swallow was that, in the story line, Lex Murphy ( Ariana Richards) could bring the park under control and save the day with a Windows NT3.X.
  13. hello, Fellow Babies, and especially flyingfrets, Been awhile, but I have been checking in and reading. I am so sorry to hear, flyingfrets, that you are suffering. You have already endured a lot pain and stress caused by multiple surgeries and chemo. I am a giant chicken-sht, and everyone at the local hospital knows this. I've never willingly gone to any hospital procedure without hanging onto door frames, kicking, and screaming -- even for some fairly simple, non-invasive stuff. I hate visiting my cardiologist because * the waiting room has a closed circuit TV that continuou
  14. hello, Fellow Babies, and especially milod, Been awhile, but I have been checking in and reading. I am so sorry to hear that you are apparently suffering the effects of a stroke. You are so right that it is important to live in the knowledge that you have provoked no incidents or made remarks that leave a trail of anger and unhappiness in your wake. Patience and humor will be among your best friends - and you'll need 'em. It can surprise you how people can rise to level necessary to help you. I am singularly lucky that my little brother has forgotten what a mean, selfish older br
  15. Hey, thought I might mention that I am a Mac lover with 3 old G3s and 3 new G5s, 2 with dual cores. Also, some of you may not have noticed that I am a bike freak. I have an 1100cc 1986 Shadow , your basic Harley-style cruiser: and a very heavy custom 1971 K1 , ( I am the original owner) on an Amen frame.

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