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  1. This one looks just fine. American Vintage Series. 52 Telecaster
  2. Hmmmm, 2000 pounds that's a lot of aussie dollars. Now let's see, Ahhhhh. A Fender Telecaster and a Mackie Universial Control Pro.
  3. Thanks Oldhippie for taking the time to listen. Into the Black is an old favorite. I am only a bedroom player but I have fantasized more than once about being in front of a crowd playing this song and playing it loud. Thanks again McEye
  4. I found it to be easier to learn and use overall. It just seem to fit when I was starting out and it feels the same today and it's value for money for sure. I like the bundled software, Dimension Pro, Rapture, Zta3 and the abundance of effects and instruments. It has all you need it make good music in many genres. I tried a few others eg samplitude. live, studio one but none of them grabbed me like Sonar did.
  5. It's definately only a hobby for me and I get a big kick out of do it. I surprise myself at times and I feel I am improving with every project especially on the production side of things. I have only ever been a bedroom player with very few oportunities to do anything live. I have a modest home studio but I think I produce a pretty good product for the level of equipment and skill I have. The quality and diversty of the software certainly helps. I have a wide range mostly rock guitar orientated but I do like to add the odd soft synth here and there. Love the Blues as well. McEye
  6. Cakewalk Sonar has been my favorate DAW since I started recording and it's the heart of my modest home studio. Other DAW's just haven't inspired me like Sonar has. Currently running X1 Pro and still getting used to it but I think I prefer 8.3 better because I am to lazy to remember all the shortcut keys and hidden options. I prefer to have easier access in menu's, but thats just me and I do like some of the changes in X1 especially the Pro Channel. McEye
  7. The news, who cares really? We are more interested in our own daily grind sometimes caused by issues in the news. Oh, we have gone full circle.

  8. My favorite Instrument plugs are NI's Guitar Pro 4. Then would come Kontakt 4 and Kore 2. My go to mixing plug is T-Racks and some of the plugs in Sonar 8.5 like the vintage channel. I haven't got the entire suite of T-Racks yet I am slowly building it when they have deals. Next purchase will be the Opto Compressor.
  9. I am now a fully fledged member of the Gibson family since the arrival of my Les Paul Robot Studio

  10. My Music can be found here:http://www.soundclick.com/McEye

  11. Not any Epi's or Gibson's here yet, but very soon

  12. Hey guys, new to the forum. I caught the recording bug about 3 years ago and it quickly became a obsession. Started off with a small laptop and a Line 6 interface. I ran out of PC power pretty quickly and upgraded to a tower for audio only, but couldn't afford an Intel I7 so went with the highest spec AMD processor at the time. It's worked well and I also stayed with 32 bit, but I wish I went the 64 bit route now as my sample library has grown and some of the plug in's like Kontakt work much better with more than 4GB if RAM, but it's no show stopper. I use Sonar 8.5.3 Pro I haven't taken the plundge into X1 yet, I will wait a bit longer until they have that sorted out. I have a collection of guitars and basses and I have Guitar Rig 4 to crank them up. For Midi I use a Akai MPK49. Drums, Superior Drummer and Ezydrummer plug in's. Synth's and samplers consist of Kore 2, Kontakt4, Dimension Pro, Rapture and a few other's. Lot's of plug in's for mixing and mastering mainly IK Multi Media T-RackS. I have tried to mix my album about 3 times and I tend to over process trying to acheive loudness. I have used far to much compression so I am going to try a 4th time and go light on with the compression and EQ, hopefully it will sound much more natural this time. Regards, McEye
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