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  1. My ebony studio came with one fitted, and its some where to rest my pinky.
  2. Sad news , saw Iron Maiden back in the early 80s great.band.
  3. I've only owned a total of 8 guitars in the last 30 years, 6 of them were used only ever had a problem with 1,It was a Strat look-a-like.
  4. the wife pics from the zob zombie concert and utube videos from the night
  5. on the 28th november my wife's going to see the twins of evil Tour ,Rob Zombie &Marilyn Manson :)
  6. My Late brother's motorcycle jacket he wore it to his work for years it was given to me by his son.
  7. I dont gig so I usually play my Les Paul sitting down. I think its because thats the way I play my acoustic, its more comfortable and also the way I learned how to play. I can play standing up but prefer being seated.
  8. My one and only acoustic is a Fender got it from Guitar-Guitar Glasgow I love it I did try other guitars in the shop including a nice Gibson which I just could not afford It came down to a real nice Epi and this CD 140SEC Ebony Fender with fishman. To me it just sounded a little better
  9. A dont know what apple's problem was I understood every word
  10. That is a beautiful guitar
  11. My last three guitars were used ones The two I have now were bought new
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