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  1. My younger brother Kenny would love this thread he's a huge Beatles fan me and the wife seen the Beatles 'Love' show in Las Vegas in 2008 the music and the show was amazing
  2. We've got lots of water here in Scotland, .......it falls from the sky nearly every blooming day.
  3. I got a new Gibson Studio earlier this year no Q.C. issues at all except that it came with the paper work for a different gibson Studio. Guitar store said it would be near impossible to find the right paper work.
  4. Don't know about being fit but iv'e ran in a lot of marathons since 83' all over the world. Best one ever was in New York in 2000' with my brother Steve :D/ we ran for a cancer charity we were both dressed as the Riddler we met some guys from the New York Yankee's on the way round and they wanted their picture taken with us .Being from Scotland we diden't know who they were.
  5. I don't really think much about what my guitars are worth money wise as you loose money on them as soon as you leave the guitar store. I did almost get what i paid for my last two guitars when sold privately.
  6. can't get pictures on here
  7. :huh: I cant get the picture up its telling me its too big :huh:
  8. this is my dream bike I've had it for 12 years and loved every minute of it :) sorry i can't load picture on here will try later
  9. anyone else going to this ,,i will be there tomorrow i will be wearing a T Rex t shirt come and say hello :) http://www.musicjunkie.co.uk/blog/posts/?/Gibson-Open-Day-24th-Sep
  10. I love my wife too she got me a new Les Paul Studio for my birthday, after years of playing on a cheap Strat' look alike its brill
  11. I ticked the fender box, only cos' thats the acoustic ive got and play. I tried the gibson, aswell as some others but it didn't feel right,
  12. My favorite guitarist when i started playing was the late Marc Bolan, imo a very underated guitarist.
  13. sorry i can't make this any larger but if you click on it it goes bigger ,,, I've been riding for 34 years and love it this is my XJR 1300 at Loch Lomond [biggrin] ,,you will love motorcycling fred just ride safe .
  14. I've never played a show in my life, guitar playing has allways just been a hobby for me. I played in front of family and frends recently and made a right pigs ear of it
  15. Yes, i made it here I love playing my guitar's
  16. I've got a flying V guitar that size
  17. The first guy i saw with a Les Paul in my youth was Marc Bolan.
  18. Ha,ha i'm playing and trying to read this at the same time.
  19. I still listen to old 'Bolan now then 'Electric Warrior' brill album
  20. Marc Bolan & T.Rex at the Glasgow Apollo 1974, and he played a les paul Gibson made a replica. I was well impressed i was still at high school.
  21. Wife got me a les paul so i though i'd join the forum.
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