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  1. Thanks.... Jerry at Skinny D Customs is doing some really impressive work: https://www.facebook.com/SkinnyDCustomGuitars
  2. The RD bass is a '78...I bought it used in 1997 for $350..it was originally fireburst and kinda beat-up so I non-professionally refinished it with white epoxy enamel and put the Scotchbrite stars on it. It was my primary bass for playing out live - a little heavy but built like a tank & very visible (plus I didn't want to expose the LPB3 to the rigors of playing clubs). All of the Moog electronics still function properly...Also have an RD Custom guitar in natural... I think the RD's are very under-rated...
  3. The Bass Guitarsenal... Just had a flame maple top put on the Victory Standard by Skinny D Customs in FL
  4. My E-3,Explorer Bass, & Epi Futura
  5. I believe Dimarzio's first replacement pickup for the P90 was called a DLX-1 (available only in creme)and were advertised as a "twin humbucker replacement for the Les Paul Deluxe"... they were comparable to a super distortion....Now they make several P90 sized replacements (the DLX-1 had the same specs as a DP154)... The Les Paul Pro models were ebony & had creme P90's vs Deluxe's chrome mini-humbuckers.
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