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  1. Not at the moment, it may be at some point, but this one seems to really be a good fit for me neck wise(thin). Had an SG Standard and a Fireburst Studio but the necks seemed too "baseball bat" or thick, I need a thinner 60s style neck, which this has.
  2. This is my 1987 Studio Standard. These were made for a few years in the 80s. These have a bound body and fretboard like a Standard, but have dot fretboard inlays and a slightly thinner body than a Standard. Original bulletproof "chainsaw" case too. Guitar is in amazing condition and plays and sounds great.vv
  3. Looks good with the gold hardware
  4. Just picked up this 2011 Studio in Fireburst color. I think the gold hardware really sets it off. vvv
  5. I think I have the model narrowed down, as someone told me this was a regular Deluxe that had the pickups changed from the mini humbuckers to the DiMarzio P90s. Apparently, I could re-install mini humbuckers in it with no modifications needed.
  6. I think you're right, they are Tone Zones, does this affect the value at all? I saw some original Gibson 1978 P90s on Ebay for around 200.00, would it be worth changing them back?
  7. Guys, just picked up the Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. Was described as a 1978 model, however, serial number comes back as a 1977(serial stamped into back of headstock). I know Gibson made a model called the "Pro Deluxe" that had the P90s, maple neck and top(like this does)starting in 1978. Can I assume that they used a leftover neck from 1977, or is there another explanation? I have seen other Pro Deluxe models, but they say "Pro" instead of "Deluxe" on the truss rod cover. The guitar appears all original with no extra holes or funny business. Any help would be appreciated. It is a great guitar, that's one thing I'm sure of!
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