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  1. Happy NEW GUITAR DAY. You got a lovely guitar. I love mine too.
  2. Very interesting....good work!! How does she sound??
  3. I would suggest the Wildkat. She looks cool, the sound is versatile, the weight is optimum and the size is perfect for me. I love my Wildkat !!!
  4. Oldhippie


    Went to Musicstore in Colgne with my brother yesterday (Saturday). He wanted to buy a good western guitar. We tried a few hours through hundreds of guitars. (Musicstore is the biggest place in Europe) He finally found a Stanford-guitar that sounded very very good. The sound is equal to a Martin guitar....and the look as well. At the end he bought me a Fender Ukulele !!! Do I have a nice brother???? Yes, I have!! Thank you brother Gerd. The first song I must learn is "I´ll see you in my dreams" the way Joe Brown played it for George Harrison.
  5. For me it´s the design / shape of the guitar. The Les Paul shape is what I think a guitar should look like. Compared to a Fender Strat for example ,I would call the Strat ugly. The playability comes next, the good quality, the sound, and last but not least, I can afford this guitar.
  6. Nice guitar and very interesting work. I really like guitars with Bigsby.
  7. No it doesn´t say gravestone but the word looks simular. German word for gravestone is Grabstein. The word Toddenstein could be read Totenstein....Stone of death, but it has a double d.
  8. What a lovely guitar !! I wish I could own one. Enjoy her.
  9. I would NOT buy a broken guitar for 340 $. Doesn´t matter, if it´s fixed properly. I hate the feeling or knowing of a mistake in one of my guitars. Maybe if the price drop more....................
  10. Hey....well done. Ilike this yellow ! Did you not have problems when drying outside, that flies and dust would stick on the paint??
  11. I agree with brad and the others. I opened this question as a topic here in the forum. Why should I buy guitar that sounds like I want it to sound ...and change everything than? Question ?? If this guitar would come with Seymour Duncans out of stock, would you change it to something else than? But if you buy a guitar to work on it as a hobby, that´s another question........ But for me, I buy a guitar because I liked the sound while testing it in a shop. All of my guitars have the stock pups.
  12. I didn´t know this. It´s very interesting and I feel sorry for all the workers.
  13. Here is one for sale.............. and another one I found a few ES 335 for sale in the bay.........
  14. Never seen this before!! Maybe it´s produced in autumn?
  15. My boss arrange a Good Bye- Party for me, because I´m retired now. My colleges will collect money or a voucher in a music store in Wuppertal or the big one in Cologne. If , and only IF I get approximately enough money , I´m interested in a Nighthawk. I saw the review in Andertons music and the review here in the forum . I guess there are not many guitars with such a versatile sound for this price.. Somebody a different opinion?? Let me know before the money is gone...........
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