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  1. Happy NEW GUITAR DAY. You got a lovely guitar. I love mine too.
  2. I didn´t know this. It´s very interesting and I feel sorry for all the workers.
  3. This is very useful information ! Thank you!!! This realy could go into the DIY or Review section. Very helpful.
  4. I listened to your songs on soundcloud. Very well made!! Especially "Into the black" I liked very much. Keep on rockin´
  5. Nobody using ABLETON 8 SUITE ??? I use this after trying Cubase, Reaper, Fuity Loops and found out, that it´s the best for me. Easy to use, no connecting problems and lots of features. All my hardware is shown below and the link to my music as well.
  6. Hi and welcome to the forum. I own one that seems to match to your describtion. But mine doesn´t say "Gothic" or simular. It has all black hardware.
  7. ...and in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make........

  8. I´m sorry Alan....I ment awesome!! I´m not perfect in english but I hope to improve
  9. I managed to upload my pics in photobucket[thumbup] Here is a better photo of my dear Wildkat
  10. I didn´t like the knobs on my LP as well and changed the golden/brown ones into black knobs. For me the original knobs (golden/brown) looking kind of cheap plastic.
  11. I´m sorry for that mistake awesome supposed to be the right word!!! So I noticed for myself.....the forum is also good for learning english \:D/ Thanks
  12. Well...that´s a beauty!! I´ve never seen one in red! They maybe sell different colors to the different parts of the world?? I´ve noticed, that there is a light blue one offered here in Europe.
  13. WOW !! what a guitar!! I´ve never seen one like this before. Is this design especially made for Las Vegians??;) Here in Germany the most Wildkats are in antique naturel, or the "Royal" in white.
  14. Hi, I got my Wildkat in may this year and I´m very happy with it. The sound is awesome and it´s my best looking guitar. I ordered it in England to get it a little bit cheaper than here, although it hard to find a sunrise orange one.
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