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  1. Heard these are 32" medium scale -- not many in this in-between length. There's one Gretsch hollowbody model, another guy imports these Mosrite copies where one is 32" scale... maybe a few others. Pretty much know what's out on the grid -- but if any low profile Epi EB-1 (not fretless model) is seen, I would like to know. These are all 18-20 years old at this point. I am guessing the mudbucker in these is just the same as the one in the Korean EB-0 -- I posted earlier about wanting one of those and did find one.
  2. Been a flood of Indonesian ones for years now... when did Korean builds end? From what I can tell Koreans have a black neck plate stamped Made in Korean and a "Gibson" truss rod cover. I think the EB-3s were long scale, and I am looking for short scale
  3. This may be the most demented post ever, but here goes. I like the 1275 6/12 doubleneck, but to me all 6/12s are backwards, really more a 12/6 .. I would want the 6 neck on top (leads and more single note stuff closer) and the 12 neck more for chords... you get the idea. neck resets happen all the time... so in theory, apart from cost/practicality, could both necks be removed amd swapped. or is anything different in width or other factor where this can't be done.
  4. Had a terrible experience with CITES, also involving the organized crime ring known as Ebay Global Shipping. About two years ago I sold a early 60s Melody Maker to a guy in Germany. He went ahead and set delivery up thru this ebay shipping. So I sent it down to their crime headquarters in Kentucky, and their "experts" determined it could not be exported because this endangered wood scam. So they refunded the buyer but would NOT return the guitar to me. They said it would be "liquidated"... I kid you not. Buyer very dissapointed and I was mad as hell. Other experience was I bought a b
  5. I agree that bass or 12 string neck should be one the bottom, but no one does them that way except the original 1960s Dano 6/4. I sold a car and have a bit of play money; one of the these even w/ a refin would be fun.
  6. Has anyone here seen, played or even owned a 1960s Gibson EBS 1250 ..this was the SG styled bass/guitar doublneck. Seen pix of normal SG finish and also white. Supposedly under 50 made, early ones w/ kool built in fuzz for the bass.
  7. Same with Rickenbacker -- starting making amps around the same time as Gibson, and a decade before Fender's first ones. But both declined to get in the big amp/hi power scene. BTW if any one has a museum type w/ cover freak o nature clean mid 60s Skylark, the single 6Bq% model, I am kinda lookin... it can need electronic resto, no prob.
  8. Cherry finish preferred over sunburst... I missed a few on ebay recently, Would like to get one of the nearly unplayed/as new ones. Just a short run in 2013 of these. Seem to be in the 1800-2250 range. Forget the late 60s ones -- impossibly narrow neck for a 12 or even a 6 string.
  9. Found this from 5 years ago from Gibson: but anything could have changed since then "The Gibson Custom Shop will give quotes to have one-off instruments. What you would need to do, is to take the specs you want to your nearest dealer who is authorized to order and carry Gibson Custom Shop instruments. Your dealer would submit your request for a quote to the Custom Shop quote team. Once our quote team has worked up a quote, they would send that information to your dealer. When your dealer gives you the quote, you can decide if you want to move ahead with the custom order. I hope this helps.
  10. Asking since I don't know anything about the whole Gibson custom scene. I just got a very nice new non reverse Firebird, then noticed they had recently reissued the 335/12. So that got me to thinking could they make an NR Firebird 12? They have the body, the neck, 12 string bridge, etc. There were of course the mid 60s NR Firebird 12s but like the 335-12 of same era, they have that awful narrow neck which I find just very difficult to use (like most all Rickenbackers, except two models). But the new 335/12 neck is the proper width. Looks doubtful tho.
  11. I know the whole Gibson Custom shop has different product lines, making limited amounts of certain new and reissue models. But they don't make complete one-off special order things, which may have happened in the past/
  12. Glad I started this topic. That sunburst EB 2 is a beauty. A reissue ES 335-12. Will have to look that one up. The necks were just too narrow on the originals -- most people agree.
  13. I was all pumped up when I heard that the non reverse T Bird bass was being reissued, but like the reverse Bird it has black tuners, bridge and pickup covers.. yuk. Tuners and bridge I think could be gotten off a Midtown bass, but the black plastic pickup covers.. .are these available anywhere in metal/silver finish. Only way I am going after a non reverse T Bird is if I can get rid of hte blacked-out scene.
  14. Well there was loasds of suburst, cherry burst and some walnut in later years, natural in early years. As far as custom colors I know of Pel Blue, Burgundy metallic.. any others noted? I would like to score a righteous rare finish EB-2 bass in screamin clean condition . Yeah, I know some peeps say EB-2s are for dorks... then ok, I'm a dork.
  15. Chick already dumped me for New Year's Eve... keep playin' .. .they are :-)
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