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  1. Hi Larry. With all due respect, I actually play the guitar and the intonation on the G string is good and not noticably different to the other strings. In fact I gigged with it for 3 hours yesterday and all good. I can say that I have recently had intonation problems which required a new bridge but that was on a PRS Custom 22 and it was the G string. Before I changed the bridge on the Cherry L5 CT, there was buzzing and overtones that I couldn't live with. In every case, prior to changing a bridge on any of the guitars I own, I get the pickups looked at, the screws on the tail pi
  2. Hi Ron. I can't help you with the bridge you mentioned but I thought that you might find my replacement bridge of interest.
  3. AlanC

    NGD L5

    I 100 percent agree with the view about the ebony bridge. For me replacing the bridge with an ebony bridge avoids buzz and overtones but more importantly improves the sound. I have replaced the bridges on 4 of my archtops....1 x L5 CES, 2 x L5 CT and my Tal Farlow. They are in my view vastly improved.
  4. Sorry I didn't see your post earlier. I have had the same problem with my L5 and my Tal Farlow. In fact I've had the problem with an L5 CES and an L5 CT. Fortunartely I have access to an expert luthier. He initially did similar things to what was suggested above but in every case in my view it ended up being the bridge. I actually replaced the abr bridges with ebony bridges on my three guitars. No more buzz and personally I believe the tone has improved. My luthier hand made the ebony bridges and they are somewhat bigger than normal. I don't really know whether the extra mass improves th
  5. They are really beautiful. Luv both. I much prefer my archtops mainly cos I play jazz but the guitar I've played the most is my '74 Les Paul. The Johnny Smith is great but it feedbacks very easily and for that reason I find it difficult to gig with. I have spent a lot of money on the Johnny Smith to restore it to a fully playable instrument and it's very good now but I mostly use the Tal Farlow. More recently I have started using my L5 CT which is my current favourite guitar.
  6. Hi Cody. I have quite a few Gibsons as I have collected over many years as well as play. So I have a few archtops, 4 Les Pauls and a few ES335/330's. These days I mostly collect archtops. I have a '68 Johnny Smith, a '64 L5 Florentine, an L5 Signature, L5CT, Super 400CT, a couple of L5 CES's , an L4CES, a '34 L10 reissue, a Tal Farlow and a '48 ES150 plus the 2 in the photos above. What about yourself? Here's my Tal Farlow which I have used to gig with over the last 5 years
  7. Sorry Max I just realised the date of the request for information was 18 months ago. Any way maybe the info is useful for someone else.
  8. I posted above the original ES165 before it was modified. It has been modified as follows:- Benedetto floating pickup (original pickup was faulty), New tail piece as the original one broke, Upgraded bridge which I think rattled/buzzed New pick plate and new volume control to remove the volume contol from its top mounted position. It's now a wheel volume control attached to the bottom of the pick plate.
  9. I should have commented above on the differences between my ES165 and an ES175. I think the main difference is that they do sound different but that's mainly because of a humbucker versus a floating pickup. I know that some of the ES165's don't have floating pickups but have single neck humbuckers. For me I'm not sure what the difference would be between the 2 guitars if they both have humbuckers. Probably very little other than than the fact that all pickups/guitars do sound a little different even if they have the same type of pickups like '57 classics etc. The other difference for
  10. Hi Max. I own a a few archtops including an ES165 and a single pick up ES175. They are both good. The bodies are the same and a single pick up 175 is very much like a 165. But my 165 has a floating pickup. To be honest I paid a lot less for my 165 but then had to pay lots to get it fixed cos the pickup was faulty and the tail piece broke. My 175 was ordered by me from the Custom shop as they weren't making single pick up 175's at the time and I waited 18 months to get it. But it is beautiful.
  11. Luv the guitar. There is something really special about an L5. Mesmerising!!! Luv the florentine cut
  12. Luv the colours of your Les Pauls. The light blue Custom is particularly unique. Luv it
  13. Lol if that's the case Its cost me a fair bit of time and effort
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