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  1. If this is real, this would be my new "must have".
  2. I prefer the sound of flatwounds. I play a lot of 60´s music and the sound is excellent to me.
  3. Thank you! :) That was my thought, but I wanted to have a confirmation.
  4. Okay ;) But my problem is, I have now 5 flatwound strings and one normal string on the guitar.
  5. Hey, maybe I have a stupid question. Today I have restringed my guitar. I use Pyramid Gold Flatwounds 10 cauge. On the process, the high E string is broken. The problem is, that I have no further strings from this type. Now I have taken a normal nickel string 10 cauge. Is it okay??? I mean, the both high strings are not wound and it make no big difference. Is it right? I ordered new sets of these strings but the delivery is next week. The sound is good. Nothing to complain about. Thank you very much.
  6. Nice guitars! What type of pickups are in your Casino?
  7. Thank you! Helped me with my decision!
  8. I´m sorry, it´s a stupid question, but is the guitar worth the money? I´m thinking about buying the guitar in the next weeks, i´m not sure. Can I use it with a normal electric guitar amp? I have the Vox VT20+ amp. Is it possible? And how is the sound unplugged? At the moment I have a cheap no name Jumbo from amazon and I´m not satisfied with it after three years.
  9. Great guitar! It´s on my list too. But I have to wait. Just bought a Gretsch Pro Jet a couple of weeks ago. It´s a great guitar too.
  10. Great guitar! I want to buy a normal Casino since years. But the decision is very hard for me, because it´s a lot of money for me.... Big congrats from me!
  11. Thanks, that helps me a lot. Is the Kat good for lead sounds and treble picking?
  12. Hey my friends, i´m here after a long time. I´m still busy with my relocation to my new residence. Okay, back to topic. Some of you know, that I want to buy a Casino. But no store close to me have it in the line up. Now, Epiphone was make a price reduction for the Wildkat. Because of that the Wildkat is very interesting for me. It´s a semi hollow with P90´s and has a Bigsby. But I can´t find it in stores too.... Because of that I can´t make a test with this guitars before buying. :( My birthday is in two weeks and I want to buy one of these guitars. The price of the Wildkat is unbeatable. What do you think about it? I want to order it in the next days. Is it worth the money? Thank you. Sorry for my bad english in this posting. Long texts are not my cup of tea.
  13. Congratulations. Nice looking guitar and great collection!
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