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  1. 69tele

    Les Paul Special

    Also to give a bit of background I already have an 04 LP DC Faded in TV yellow that is signed by Les Paul himself, I find myself using it more now due to a back issue, I normally play a an LP Classic Goldtop. Hence wanting to get a second Special to keep the signed one in the studio.
  2. 69tele

    Les Paul Special

    thats my problem ..i am out in Gibraltar and there no music stores here at all. Usually buy mail order or when I travel to the USA (although the rate has put a stop to that this year)
  3. 69tele

    Les Paul Special

    thanks for the info is the wider neck more of a handful to play ? cheers
  4. Hi there looking at buying a used Les Paul Special Double Cut. It has the robot tuners and the brass nut. I have seen that the robot tuners can be replaced by normal ones, what about the brass nut though ? Thanks !
  5. Hi there looking to upgrade an SG 2016 T for a friend with a view to better and easier tuning. Done some research on the net and the way to go would seem to fit an Earvana nut and some Grover Roto Grip tuners. Wondering if any folks here have done these upgrades and are happy with them ? I hear the nut is difficult to remove because of the painted finish? The tuners seem to be a direct drop in. Thanks !!
  6. thats my problem no music store here in Gibraltar I would have to mail order unseen I may pass, or roll the dice and take a gamble the reviews I have read on the g force tuners and brass nut arent too good, so I would need to get those sorted... the price is silly low however.
  7. Hi there quite a few retailers in Europe blowing out the 2015 Les Pauls at silly prices My question is would it worth my while getting one considering the issues with the tuners, zero nut etc... ?? Was looking at the deluxe model with mini humbuckers in a gold top finish. I already have 3 other Les Paul but the price is too good to ignore. thanks !
  8. 10 different Fender guitars, and 2 basses, no problems with any of them what so ever.
  9. Music Man Dark Lord (Steve Morse Y2D modded by Joe Bonamassa)
  10. Washburn N2 and N4 - Nuno Bettencourt Sig. Model
  11. does anyone know if the silly robot tuners can be replaced by normal ones on the 2015 models ?
  12. Grace Potter did a pretty good cover a few years back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Vy1OoBAL-E
  13. More Fenders than Gibsons actually... also recently got a MusicMan you can see them all below http://www.gear-review.co.uk/guitar/
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