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  1. There are many, many songs who's lyrics don't make any sense. Including-, and especially- some of the later stuff from Messrs. Lennon & McCartney ("Semolina Pilchard" anyone? :blink: ). There's not much point trying to make any sense out of most popular song lyrics, let alone find any "deeper" meaning. Just enjoy them, or not, as they are. Otherwise you'll just be banging your head against your own (wonder)wall.
  2. Fair reasons! Especially fancying a booze
  3. George Harrison's first solo album. Or rather the name of the film who's soundtrack it was... BTW I'm not sticking up for Oasis here I didn't like that song much either...
  4. Just out of interest... Was it the performance or the music that caused you to walk out? I can well imagine that the live performance may have been a bit "rough" that early in their career...
  5. Not just that, I'm originally from Manchester myself... Kept well away from the Burnage boys though B)
  6. It's funny how media impressions stick... "Liam is the arrogant thug, Noel the more down to earth... etc." Apparently, according to people who know the brothers, it's the other way around! Liam, despite the "swagger", is supposedly quite a solid bloke. The arrogance had a lot to do with the image the band were trying to propagate... Especially in the early days. Noel, on the other hand, is by all opinions a right nasty little merchant banker! I obviously don't really "know" this, but it's telling, that when the brothers finally split after God know's how many arguments, all the r
  7. This might be already old news in the states, but I just found out about it today in a monthly mag... http://www.zimbio.com/Dave+Grohl/articles/h70o0CmFHGA/Foo+Fighters+Take+Westboro+Baptist+Kansas Like the man says: "What a cool guy!!!
  8. I don't know... I'm a bit wary of these huge, hyped up reunions . Don't get me wrong, I'm a massive fan of the Stone Roses. But starting with two shows at Heaton Park? It's just too big!!! Something like 70,000 people per show!! I was there 2009 at one of the Oasis gigs and it was a festival atmosphere, but the sound was pretty crap. More like an "event" than a concert! I would love to see the Roses start of again with much less hype, play some smaller venues and get their chops back... But I suppose if the demand is there???
  9. If this is one of those "ceramic soap dish in a quadratic tile base" sort of thingy, then they are generally standard sizes. You should remove the old tile cement and grouting out of the hole, otherwise the new tile won't hold well and that thing will fall out again sooner or later. This is best done with a hammer and chisel... And a steady hand. Use some masking tape to protect the surrounding tiles. It's easy enough to fit a new tile in an existing hole (if it's clean enough). Just follow the instructions on the tile cement tub. And don't be impatient! Allow for the cement to dry properl
  10. I've got far too much time... B) This may be an old link, and I don't want to get into an argument about it (I didn't even post the EVH solo myself), but it looks as if the Greensboro incident was a guitar issue after all. http://popwatch.ew.com/2007/10/29/van-halens-jump/ Regardless of that, I don't agree that he wouldn't/couldn't hear the problem. that would suggest the monitoring was out as well... Then he would REALLY be having a bad day!! I do however agree that, whatever the reason, it was a technical problem and as such shouldn't really be on this list. (it wasn't my list
  11. +1 Has to be!!! None of the others have been such an influence, even to this day, to so many different guitarist in so many different genres! Almost everyone's listened to Jimi and wanted to play like him at some point... No matter what your musical preferences are!!!
  12. Granted... But to ease my guilty complex, there are only two live solos on the list/in this post. And neither are here because of normal playing errors: - Eddie Van Halen was playing in a different key the whole song (presumably guitar tuned differently), and had plenty of opportunity to rectify the problem (i.e. change guitars), before launching into the solo. - Andy Summers was experimenting with some weird jazz scales, which he did the whole tour, which IMO didn't fit the song at all and had nothing to do with the original, recorded solo. No playing error here, just sheer blood
  13. It's a bit like Relationships... Always hard parting! But guitars should be played! So if you're not using it, sell it on to someone who will. Sure, there may be regret later on down the line, but there will be others... There are enough "collectors" keeping good guitars off the market. Late 50's Les Pauls, or early 60's Strats, sitting in bank vaults somewhere, just gathering dust as "investment objects". Y'know if those guitars are the "Holy Grail" of sound, then there is something inherently wrong that they're not being played!!! And, who knows? Maybe the kid who buys your old in
  14. Andy Summers with "So Lonely", during the Police reunion tour 2008. www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Wj5_2cZMok Don't know what was going on there? I always considered Andy Summers an underrated guitarist...
  15. I've looked into them. They're actually much cheaper than the Schaller STM! They don't seem to be three-way adjustable, as is the STM. But then who really needs to adjust the individual string spacing? Only problem is, they don't seem to do a nickel plated version! Hope it helps you with your tuning problem. Will be interesting to know how you get on.
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