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  1. Add the first and only owner of a 1974 LP Signature, I could really use the photos of the wiring that vGrog took and sent to Boogiedude . . . Hands was removed for finish work on the body, and now does nor work properly . . . TIA
  2. thanks. I know it's thin. i don't have the guitar, but the tech is pretty competent. I assume he'd have checked the ground. He says that he gets the loud hum when he touches the pot -- kind of the opposite of the problem you typically have where the hum goes away when you touch the strings. He says the sound is more like touching the end of your cord when it's plugged into your amp.
  3. I'm the first and only owner of an early 70's LP Signature semi-hollow body, low impedance, double cutaway goldtop. The guitar is at RS Guitarworks for refinishing. The tech, very experienced, has reassembled it, but keeps getting a loud hum that he can't get rid of. He has the schematic. He mentioned a brown wire that was soldered to the volume control but not to anything else. I know it's not much to go on, but does anyone have any advice on wiring this vintage Gibson? TIA Ari Gabinet
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