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  1. Sorry, Gold, I sold them on ebay 6 months ago, besides, I had only 5, one was broken. Cheers, Darko
  2. I'll be happy to buy your Steinbergers if you are replacing them with the banjo tuners.
  3. Mr Natural, The stock Firebird banjo tuners won't fit the holes drilled for Steinberger Gearless. You need to enlarge the tuner holes To replace the banjo tuners with the Steinbergers, I had to make copper 'conversion' tubes to fit the Steinbergers. Btw, the stock banjo tuners are very heavy, 6 of them are almost 0.5 kilo, not sure you want that weight added to the neck :)
  4. Let's see and hear what these guys are up to :) http://www.strikingly.com/elektra-amps#the-185 http://www.strikingly.com/elektra-amps#demos-paul-pigat http://www.strikingly.com/elektra-amps#walter-broes-demo-1 http://www.strikingly.com/elektra-amps#walter-broes-demo-2
  5. Thanks Bence, I like their 'unfinished' honeyburst look, but I am more obsessed with other features of 2008 Std Fadeds, like the chambered body, no grain filling, '50s neck. One if them was heavily wax-polished by the previous owner, it took me a week to clean it.
  6. 2008 LP Standard Faded Honeyburst (TV Jones SuperTrons) 2008 LP Standard Faded Honeyburst (Burstbuckers) 2008 LP Standard Faded Honeyburst (SD Seth Lover 55s)
  7. Excellent thread. The model code cracking just helped me get an LP Standard faded for a very reasonable price:) Here are 2 more codes: LPSFHBNH1 - Les Paul Standard Faded Honey Burst Nickel Hardware 1 LPJ-PBCH1 - Les Paul Junior Pelham Blue Chrome Hardware 1 Cheers, Darko
  8. It's a Standard Faded made on 222nd day in 2008 :) The Compton bridge was my addition... You have some beauties over there! Lovely!
  9. Thanks Rabs, it sounds sweet too, I should mention that the previous owner replaced Burstbuckers with a pair of SD Seth Lover pickups. Cheers!
  10. The result of the yesterday's trade:
  11. Check the picture of my xplorer studio up in the thread, you'll see mini humbuckers. They sound different then the full size humbuckers, more clear. If you google explorer studio you can find the pics of all models on zzsound site, they are discontinued of course, but still on the site... The price you payed was fair, they sell for 500-1000, depending on condition. I replaced the tune-o-matic bridge on mine with Compton Compensated bridge, no more buzzing or rattling:))
  12. Congratulations! It's interesting that it has standard humbuckers. Except for the Ash version, all of them came with minibuckers. I have no idea why they were discontinued, Gibson made some other Xplorers with smaller bodies and standard humbuckers later.
  13. Thanks Hydra26, I hope to find the yellow one one day:)
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