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  1. Well first of all you don't mention if the amp is bad or you just not happy with what you hear...welcome to the club. A lot of it might have nothing to do with the gear especially if you are just learning (no ofenese...we've all been there). Some of the best jazz tones and jazz players play through SS amps. As M states the magic in tube amps is in the big botttles...output tubes. You could just about get any pedal to duplicate or improve on the preamp section of any amp IMO. The hum could be all kinds of things...from bad home ground, bad patch chords and yes to the amp it self. But a lot of times amps get blamed for things that are not the amps fault. Anyhow just adding my +1 to what's already been adviced.
  2. Why I bought an Epiphone? Cause I wanted the Turquoise Casino and only offered by Epi.
  3. Not much of a wha guy, or have a need to use one that often rather, but +1 on the McCoy. Although mine needs a new pot so went back to my Crybaby and damn if it don't sound good too. FWIW...my Crybaby is pretty old. Don't know how the new ones sound like if any difference at all.
  4. What Brian said...same here. Though I only have 3 at home...does it at work too. Seems like it's happening more often though....pretty much SOP for the past 3 or 4 weeks for me.
  5. I use the beer wahsers as well for about 10 years now I think. Got no problems taken them off to take the strap off neither. I keep one on my SG and Hofner...or use one with any guitar with the buttons on the back.
  6. Must have been Ship...stuck in limbo. Works fine now.
  7. Well, swung by and they only had one....a '09 made in Indonesia. The saddle has the same design just thinner as already mentioned and the pins are straight across. Checked mine and it's just as yours Tommy. It's a '96 though. Hey Ship...couldn't get that last link of yours to work.
  8. Can't comment on the different materials to replace one with...or which would be best. But the saddle on yours looks just like mine....and one or two of the newer ones I've tried IIRC. I'm swinging by a guitar store later on today so I will recheck . Mine's about the same age as yours BTW. Other than having a pickup installed several years ago mine's totally stock. Anyhow nothing unusual about yours IMO. Maybe your friends EJ was the one that was changed...maybe? Like I said yours looks standard to me. BTW I'm just refering to the saddle with the above and not the whole bridge area. I think my pins are straight across like jwalin mentions as well. Can't remember now...LOL, never noticed to tell the truth. Gots to check now though:)
  9. Hey Johnny, that could very well be the case with the ones I tried.....very first reissues. I did read the reviews which were not all that favorable, but you know one still has to check for one self. The ones I did try just felt like they was going to fall apart in my hands. The necks were just as you described and felt like made out of plastic....kind of a toy feeling. Anyhow I haven't bothered with them since but might check them again after reading what you typed. Definitely do like the way some look. Especially the Viking....I always thought it was a pretty sharp looker.
  10. Not so. Don't mistake the Verythin Standards with Verythin CT(contemporary). The CT's are MIC and the Verythin Standards are still MIG. Mine's a MIG and is one of the best guitars I've ever had the pleasure to play and own. Never played a CT, or seen one, but have heard pretty good reviews...but like I said no hands on experience on them though.
  11. Not at all...at least not the few Hagstroms I've tried. I have however read very good reviews on the older Hagstrom, '80s or so, but have no hands on experience with those....as I said just from reading.
  12. Not a Jazz guitar player but when I do I use pretty much the same stuff I use for everything else. Don't care if it's tubes or SS as long as the amp stays clean. Although I do favor, or my main gigging amps, are all blackface Fender tube amps. Pedal wise I use my DL4, TS9, EQ and maybe if I remember my chorus.....as I said pretty much the same stuff except for the chorus As far as guitars it's whatever I feel like grabbing...or playing. My Hofner Verything Standard as been my favorite and main gigging guitar but my '61 SG is my favorite for that type of music. Truth be told once I eq my amp any of my guitars I plug into it pretty much works for me.
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