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  1. Thanks man. Any recommendations on replacing the tuners with modern nickel 3 on a plate white button - I think the string diameter pole was 7mm going in through the bottom bore hole tightly, will probably use current bushings maybe?
  2. Thanks guys will try later on to get a few pics. Just to ask another question, I had my hand inside it and felt two metal threads underside of the bridge? Bridge looks original belly up with long cut thru saddle. Is this a regular feature for this era? Also has what looks like grover G98 tuners. If you want a quick look try 'jimi'smusicstore' on Facebook - yep she's a looker with wolf clothing...certainly lighter than the '57 jimi has there with just a slight leaner girth neck profile
  3. Hi just wanted to get the year of a J50 if somebody could help me it would be much obliged. Neck block ink stamp reads 8134_7. I'm told early 50's?
  4. To get that top moving and shimmery...adi top on '57's?
  5. Thomastik spectrum 13's on my '05 j45Rosewood. Lot less 'zingy' metallic edge, more 'wire and woody' rich roundness, and thump. Just more natural sounding to my ears. Hear the nuances of the guitar not the strings. Especially with the ebony fret board and bridge. They also have less tension than PB's. They're expensive though is their downfall. Seem to last a while though. Just another string idea if/ when you get fatigued with coated strings.
  6. Remember the voice...'down at the bar there drinking 12 ounce American dreams while the women feed their children on broken swallow? screens'...think that's you right? Liked that song. Keep it rockin' man
  7. "Rear view mirror" (esp. Vol. 1) album is quintessential appreciation for Townes
  8. He's got the something worth listening to...no sweeter sad nostalgic and somewhere deep inside uplifting songwriter have I listened too...
  9. one of Austin's finest back then...peace😎 https://vimeo.com/30343885
  10. Went thru heaps. Now only ernie ball 2146 or 2144 (for 1/2 step down). NOT earth woods
  11. Find a nice J45 Rosewood - discontinued 2008? Ebony board/ bridge, not 'mystic' but straight grain rosewood and tall thin bracing. Sweet highs, deep bass balancing it out with that Gibson mids and LOUD. None of that modern standard 28, 35, HD Martin scoop and thin crispy trebles. A revelation.
  12. Try a 20yr old John Martyn at the time record called London Conversation made in 1967
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