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  1. Happy birthday man. Get a jam session going with some buddies!
  2. I often always record sample tracks and song ideas/arrangements direct in using only a fuzz pedal if the sound calls for distortion. I'd say 80% of the guitar tracks are straight signal into the software/computer and 20% is fuzz rhythm and lead. I do find that there is a much different tone that really brings out the natural sound of the guitars electronics. Some amps, including the ones I play have a very coloring effect on the tone of the guitar. This could be a good and a bad thing, it really depends on how you look at it and embrace it. That video of Gilmore is pretty cool! When record
  3. I simply adore scurrying between thrift shops and pawn shops to find some oddball piece to reclaim. I'm not interested in the profit it may carry but rather the fulfillment of a projects completion and exchanging of it to another adorning soul. I put this one up on eBay. Way too many projects to fund over here. Fix one and done! I really like how textured this one looks. I just looked up Brian May's guitar and hot dang! No wonder this one looks so rad, I was poisoned by his creativity. Very cool stuff the subconscious mind. I literally drew this up on cardboard in my shop with no visible r
  4. Thank you for the kind words! I had to post on here and share with you fine people. It plays fantastic! I initially installed some Stew MacDonald PAF's into it and it SCREAMED! I think I'm going to save those humbuckers for another project so in the Epiphone's went. It's a blast modifying things that really don't have much value. No real loss if it doesn't end up rad and things get destroyed.
  5. I've got an old TEL RAY Morley Pro Phaser from the mid to late 70's. It's a really odd piece in that it has virtually unlimited settings for both a Leslie like sound and Phaser. You can either use the foot sweep to create the Leslie effect, or you can set it to change the rate of speed on the phaser sweep. Very crazy old pedal and I recommend checking one out if you can. This video lightly touches on what this pedal can do. I love old ****.
  6. I want a Jazzmaster body with a Gibson scale and headstock... Awesome!
  7. Hello there, Not much for the forums or internet these days. I have always been super motivated seeing all of your folks projects and repairs so here's my latest. It's looking like a 1984 Japanese made Cort double cut. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. A Double Cut morphed with a Stratocastor! So when I acquired it had shoddy electronics and a terrible finish/set-up. The first thing I did was draw up a template for a pickguard. It just seemed so naked without one. Then I found a piece of 1/8" aluminum and made it happen. That was a blast! Once I fitted up the pickups
  8. Hello there, Boy oh boy I have been busy! Playing a ton of music, fixing up the house and getting involved in some awesome DIY projects. I was looking around for an aluminum pedalboard and I just wasn't happy with the the lack of features (specifically mounting power supplies on a "mini" board) and the prices for such a simple design with the materials involved were a huge turn off as well. I mustered up some materials and started at it. I have been using a mini board from a major brand and I couldn't get past having to have my VooDoo Lab 2 power supply on top, taking up some much needed r
  9. Yay! They are the Nickelback of Metal.
  10. I use it for its signal cut feature more so than it's tuning. I put it sometimes at the end of my signal, in the middle or in the front. It depends on what I've got plugged into the chain. After my Fuzz and Overdrives gives me a nice chance to cut signal. Does anyone else do this type of thing? My five essential pedals would have to be Boost Overdrive Fuzz Phaser Delay
  11. I've dropped my 2011 Gibson SG several times now to which point the neck should have snapped. I mean really dropped it, almost as if I threw it. Get one.
  12. You'll accomplish anything you set your mind to. Keep it up!
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