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  1. I tried the computer thing and I don't like it at all.I do admit that there is alot of stuff on it I can't figure out,but thats another one of my gripes with it.I like to plug in ,turn the volume up,and le,t it rip.all the time and fiddling around with all that computer settings and all just take away from the playing time.And in the end,there is no comparison of simulated,immitated,modeling sound file bites to the real deal.

  2. my wife bought a new 55 gallon fish aquarium and stand and is trying to decide where to set it up in the house.anyone else have one ?Does anything need to be done to make the floor more braced or is a 55 gallon tank not anything to worry about with the weight?Would I need to put a support post under it in the basement?I have a ranch house with normal flooring.

  3. I'm still waiting for Wisconsin to catch up to the rest and allow to carry protection.I don't want to ever have to use a gun on another,but I'd feel better knowing I'm protected the best I can be and I'd like to see the crime drop if that would happen due to allowing us to protect ourselves.

  4. I'm kind of hit and miss.

    Sometimes I do something and think,"Where did that come from?"

    Other times its pretty empty or misses the mark.

    Usually on the ones that come up a bit short,if I take time with it and work on it,I can come up with something I am ok with,but I guess in that case its not really improvising in the moment

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