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  1. Thank you for the info. I will try to contact him. If i find out anything ill post it here.
  2. very close but different still. I am going to try calling gibson and see if they can tell me anything.
  3. sorry about the paper, it's to help me keep up with what guitar goes with what case. i bought 20 guitars from an estate sale. i have no idea what this is the head stock looks right except the oval inlay. looks like a cheaper recorder. it really sounds and plays great and will be a fun guitar to own, i jut wonder if it has any value.
  4. this guitar also has oval neck inlays i have never seen. ser# 587876 . i don't know if its a fake or just some odd guitar gibson built. please give me any info or advice you can. thanks randy
  5. I have never seen this head stock either. ser# shows 1969 model
  6. I found this in a pile of guitars I bought and can't find anything out about it
  7. if i played one of those more i would lose a few pounds lol
  8. my fav so far is the LR BAGGS Anthem through a Venue DI. just installed it my off brand D41. very warm when needed and can cut through when needed. i had the KK pure mini and Baggs Element in a few but the anthem is worth the $$ to me.
  9. thanks for the replies and it's an old friends bed...he is not my type! lol the HB is in extra nice condition. i do know how to install strings and set up guitars (no offence taken). i thought this one might be worth aprox 1700.00 to 1900.00 due to condition, play ability, sound. i don't want to offend the friend so maybe a pass on this one. the j45 didn't light me up very much so no bid on that one either. the sunburst on the HB is lighter than the pics show but still not so great. maybe i should just buy the new J50 i played the other day or take a cold shower and a couple gas-x :blink: racer
  10. I WOULD LOVE TO INSTALL A NEW SET OF STRINGS ON THE BIRD TO BE ABLE TO HEAR WHAT IS SOUNDS LIKE, BUT IT SOUNDED VERY GOOD AND THE NECK WAS ALSO VERY GOOD WITH 10 YEAR OLD STRINGS. the j45 is a 66 no doubt but with the skinny neck and the sound not being as good i'm not really wanting it anyways. I am starting to get a little hummingbird gas though.
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