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  1. I don't think EMGs sounds same from every guitar. Let's take les paul traditional and Classic custom as an example. They have the same pickups, same body woods and neck. The difference is the fretboard. Classic custom has Baked maple, and traditional has rosewood. Rob Chappers compared these two guitars, and the traditional les paul sounded darker, although they have the same pickups. And it would work that way with EMGs in my opinion
  2. Nice. Btw do you have a youtube account? Then I can see and hear the guitar
  3. I know that song. I was just curios about that it was good enough to play metal and sound heavy as f***
  4. Are they (chambered) good for metal stuff? If I get les paul with chambered les paul, i'll use it on ballad songs
  5. Before I buy this guitar, I have some questions. I play mostly metal and rock. What I want, is a les paul that I can play ballad songs with. I know it has a chambered mahogany body, but does the chambered body affect the tone? How heavy is a chambered les paul? Do YOU think it's great idea to get this guitar and play metal/ballad songs with it?
  6. Does anyone have Gibson Les Paul black with black hardware (Tone o matic and stop tail piece)? I want to see it how it will look like
  7. Did you have to bore larger holes to sperzel tuners? BTW Nice guitar :D (Sorry for my english i'm from Greenland )
  8. I think that is a Gibson Les Paul custom limited edition
  9. I would put Sperzel locking tuners if my tuning is bad. I think you need to drill 10mm hole on the headstock
  10. Is it okay to run strings back and forth on the nut and make bigger holes for the strings?
  11. Hi. I'm going to buy a Gibson Les Paul Studio (I don't know when ). I know that, the guitar comes with Gibson Genuine 10-46 string but my favorit strings are Ernie Ball power slinky (11-48 ) and I asking about that I can use power slinky's on standard E tuning. I'm afraid to destroy the stop tail Lars
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