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  1. Sometimes I get burnt out on a new guitar within a few months, but this one just keeps growing on me. It is starting to settle a bit and is developing a real classic chime/bell Gibby tone. I doubted the idea that the guitar was made to capture a sweet spot type of tone.... maybe it is.... When I first got it it sounded great, but I could hear that it was skipping over the midrange area, but now it is coming more alive with a warmer more balanced tone, I didn't expect it to as it is a very small box. Freddie
  2. Thanks All, I bought a Gibson Les Paul a Sprint Run Studio in Manhattan Blue. I wanted something blue and it has all the features I want and does not have the ones I don't care for. The weight is okay on these for me. I will post pics when I can get on my laptop. Have a good one all, Freddie
  3. Hi, Anyone know why there isn't a coil tap on the 2016 SG Standards and why no hardshell case included in price. I was tempted to get a new ebony Sg Standard or p-90 ebony Standard, but forget it now. The person running Gibson needs to wake up before it is too late. Freddie
  4. Hi, Anyone know why there isn't a coil tap on the 2016 SG Standards and why no hardshell case included in price. I was tempted to get a new ebony Sg Standard or p-90 ebony Standard, but forget it now. The person running Gibson needs to wake up before it is too late. Freddie
  5. Hi All, After giving a beautiful root beer finish 2015 Standard a go yesterday, I think I will go for a lighter Paul this time around. At 51, I found it way to heavy, but then again.... I am used to an SG Standard. I was so ready to order a 2015 Goldtop Les Paul Deluxe...the root beer made me see reality real quick. I remember seeing the Futura Les Paul models in the shop last year and thinking the non-painted colours looked alot liks the faded brown-cherry Lp Studio models...my idea LP weight. Does anyone know if they are lighter than the Standard as I cannot remember. I liks the gold model (a cool.match with my Keb Mo), but the blue is really stunnig and would be easier to touch up with a magic marker if dinged/rubbed. I love the pickups-boost in this guitar. The maple neck gives it a more crystal like sound I think. Thanks, Freddie
  6. I agree it a good model and very easy on the eyes as well. Freddie
  7. Here it is. Gibson make beautiful guitars and this one is just another beauty that shows how good they are. Keb is awesome, but I am looking to get a truss rod cover with my own name on it. Freddie
  8. Hi All, I finally have my keeper Gibson Acoustic. It is a real beauty and plays/sounds like a dream. It was a little bit of a rough path that lead me to it, but it was worth the effort. I cannot think of one bad thing about it. One cool thing about it is that it now comes in a smaller, tighter fitting case, so no need to try to replace it. The older blue ones were quite big for the smaller models, I am glad Gibson sorted this issue. I would say the tone is a slightly less bass J-45 like, but with the neck placement it really gets the sweet spot of that kind of tone. This guitar loves fingerstyle and is good with a pick and often I have to look down to remind myself this is a L-00 sized guitar. To be honest, the guitar feels normal sized for my 5 foot 7 and a half frame. The fatter lower bout really gives the tone extra depth and a good amount of bass. I wonder how the tone will develop over the years? Well Done Gibson!!! Freddie
  9. Well done!!!! I too got one, because I am not a fan of cannons. Freddie
  10. Hi All, I am over the moon today with my new J-45 Standard in Vin. Sunburst. I bought it online and a was surprised to look at the warranty card that says it was only set up in Montana in Nov of 2014. I didn't expect to get that new of one. This baby is totally perfect. Well done Gibson Montana!!!!!! I am one pleased guy today. I have a J-35 that is going to be sold (here in UK)and I noticed some changes: Case appears more snug and lighter....maybe a tad bit smaller...new coloured dark gray fur instead of blue. better case I think.. nice padded chunky handle...love it!!!! very light indeed. A set of Gibby Masterbuilt Premium strings 12-53 Tortoise coloured flexible acoustic pic (not black and hard) A Gibson case sticker the same keying (brown leather) as before. I will post pics when I get the time. I still swear the j-45 has a slightly smaller body than the lower priced round shoulder models, but maybe the darker colour makes it appear that way. The action is perfect, it don't need a set-up. Freddie
  11. Hi All, I have considered getting a new J-200 Standard in vintage sunburst. I was wondering if the pickguard will rub off with normal use. I play with a soft touch, but sometimes touch the pickguard with my little finger. I really like the orange colours against the sunburst. The one I am looking at is just like this one on the Gibby page: http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Acoustic-Instruments/Super-Jumbo/Gibson-Acoustic/J-200-Standard.aspx Anyone here care to comment on how high a quality the spruce that is used for the tops of these are? Thanks, Freddie
  12. Hi All, I have been looking at the 'Dove Modern Classic' in natural/cherry finish. Anyone here own one or care to share opinions? I like this over the sound of the Hummingbird, but it is indeed a bright guitar. I like the way a maple neck sounds with a maple body.... the Dove sounds similar to the J-200, but maybe the sound is a bit more hard or more bite. I couldn't find this model on the Gibson site. Thanks, Freddie
  13. I am tempted to get myself a Dove Pro as I really like their tone. I also found that these play pretty well for a guitar in this price range. I wish they would offer the Dove Pro in an ebony finish. Freddie
  14. Must be caused by my wife burning spicy cinnamon like Yankee Candles every night ..lol...... Freddie
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