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  1. D'Addario Chromes 11's or 12's will smooth out your 175D bright side quite nicely. I use D'Addario 10's, 11's and 12's. Jazz,
  2. JazzGtr

    BB King

    RIP BB, the Blues will never sound so sweet again. Thanks for giving me and the world your gift. Jazz,
  3. One word: "greed" explains everything. Back in 2003 when I parted with my hard earned and saves $5,000 for my L5 I knew what I was getting. Solid maple and spruce woods from nature. Fast forward 12 years later and now every manufacturer is charging $10K for a card board body guitar and expect everybody to buy without question. At this point, I find it impossible to buy any new guitar on the market. Jazz,
  4. Play both first, then make the wise decision. Regret is so hard to live with. Jazz,
  5. Nice. I just had the SD Slash Pro 2 Pickups added to my Custom LP and man what a different a pickup makes. The neck PU is just killing me with tone I never thought was possible. Not a rock dude, but the blues never sound so rich. I'm guessing I'm late to the party finding this out now. Jazz,
  6. Wouldn't it be simple to just compare the ES 175 to the L4? I owned the 175 and personally found it to be too bright compared to my L5 which I eventually sold. Jazz,
  7. At the risk of sounding insensitive, getting and staying in shape is the only fix. Playing a guitar adds a lot of stress on your arms, chess and back. And if you not in shape it's going to hurt. The average guitar can weighs anywhere from 6.5 - 8.5 pounds. And when you play, you easily add 5 more pounds of downward force while strumming or soloing. Now add the back posture to the mix if it's a semi or hollow box. I had to learn the hard way with a bad back until I realizes that it was time to get of my lazy a$$ and work out before playing my guitar. 2 sets of push-ups, sit-ups and yoga stretching before and after playing helps me. Jazz,
  8. Personally, I stopped buying anything at GC. They attempted to screw me a while back and I just ended the relationship. unfortunately, GC is not the only mega store loosing customers. Musician Friends started pissing me off lately shipping previously returned guitar pedals that did have any of the warranties, paperwork, etc. Then they don't automatically provide Credit Card credit unless you demand it. Instead they provide store credit but they don't tell you that you have a store credit during your next purchase either. When you talk to the customer service about one problem they're trying to sell you other stuff as well. Sam Ashe got nothing I personally want anymore either even though they are the closest store near my home. Sweetwater is about the only store that provide good service without trying to sell you something you don't want. Speak to Patrick Dennis, he's my guy. Jazz,
  9. Sounds like your tech is trying to take you for ride. Never heard that kind of bull before. Jazz,
  10. I love Pure Nickel strings so much that the following guitars are strung with them: Gibson: CS 356, CS46,Custom Les Paul, PRS Private Stock Santana II, Fender Strat and Tele. My Gibson L5 and PRS JA-15 have D'addario Chromes flat wounds for that deep mellow tone. Once I tried Pure Nickels there was no turning back to regular strings again. I've been using them for about 7 years now. But beware, not all Pure Nickels are the same construction, feel, tone. I've tried most of them and returned back to D'addario and GHS (9.5, 10 and 10.5 gauges). By using Pure Nickel strings, I re-discovered using my tone/treble inputs more instead of rolling off most for leads and crunches when using my Strat, Tele. Additionally, it also opens a whole new world of different types of amps/speakers combinations. Jazz,
  11. JazzGtr

    P90 Hum?

    All of my home studio outlets are three prongs 20 Amps. And I still had the "single coil humming" issues. My problem was created by the light dimmer switches in the room. I had them in my LP for a short time. Good sounding, just not the type of Fusion sound I was looking for. Eventually, I ended the experiment and replaced the P90 with Classic 57's and never look back. Anybody want to buy a pair of brand new P90? Jazz,
  12. "Stupid is what stupid does" Yep, I'm still kicking myself with regret 10 years later. Limited Block, ES 335 Flamed Red Solid Maple top, with Black Binding. At the time I didn't realize what I had or knew how to handle the 16" body enough o play it right. Jazz,
  13. The Wes was made in 2003, that makes her 11 years old. She has gotten better with age for sure. Mellow is the only word that comes to mind every time I pick it up and play. I think Gibson and Wes Montgomery struck gold with this model. And when you consider that it costs me $5k in 2003 and now brand new ones costs $9K is an example of the demand for this guitar. This is the only guitar in my entire collection past and present, that have never seen the outside world. It's purely a home studio guitar that I simply admire more than any other guitars I've seen and played. She's a keeper! Jazz,
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