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  1. Much too imbalanced. Replace that carpet with one as good as those guitars.
  2. I will not have a chance to play it..concerns me at my age.
  3. In addition to that.. Any one play a recent J45 TV Compared to one of those J45 Legends ? And the scale length being shorter..any noticable difference in stiffness compared to a J200 for example? Lastly anyone that has a Huss & Dalton/Lowden..think the recent J45TV is in the same league..? I know a good old one is.. Thank You
  4. You should be able to get one at 35-40% off Sug retail my man
  5. And still waiting for PayPal to send check.. I replaced the Martin under my bed with the Braz/Adirondack Huss & Dalton DS which I got last summer, and I must say when I slide it out most mornings to start the day the word "Wow" no longer comes to my mind at the sight of this plain guitar as it did with Martin, but wow it does, when I hear the sound that comes out of it.
  6. I have no experience but if I were considering that Id go straight to the best of type,the D18A.
  7. Hi Jed This one: http://theunofficialmartinguitarforum.yuku.com/topic/151599/CFMartin-Custom-Shop-Ordered-2006-D42-AcousticGuitar-S#.Ui6AsBY0b7I I put it on the UMGF and within an hour and a half it was sold. I had some serious sellers remorse as after I had it done, I got a sick feeling that I sold this beauty off to cheap. When I was packing it with my wife, she started apologizing to the guitar for sending her away crying...yeechs ! On the UMGF I looked back and saw a message from a member there after I had asked questions as to selling price..and I thought this guy wrote.
  8. It went USPS PRIORITY REGESTERED..insured for $7500..It has to be in a plain box with Paper Tape I was told... Safe and sound..and now gone,
  9. I think its the softer slab cut curly maple
  10. When I was a kid I was put into a Childrens home..as single parent mom & we three got evicted on to a NY sidewalk in Astoria Queens. I was sent to a home seperate from my brothers in NY City uptown across Central Park. Being one of the only white kids there I learned that we really are all the same... But I noticed one obvious lamentable difference, and one of the kids in sympathy tried to impart some wisdom on me.. He said that I should repeat it over and over again ..little dik grow up..little dik grow up.. :
  11. The slotted head stock is an absolute pain to string up and adds string stiffness/tension via its downward angle..why should they bother using that?
  12. I tried a 00 Braz (Martin style one) a year or two ago and it was really very good. It made me consider one at a shoppe which was Figured Koa and 50% off retail or something new but owner of the shop said that the Lowdens were definately a upgrade.Then I took his advice and bought a H&D Braz Slope he liked better than the Lowden F I was thinking about. I would never buy one of those ridiculous lightning bolt bridge Breedlove's.
  13. Some of you guys have sold many guitars and through forums..please suggest.. What is best least costly way to ship to a forum member & through which company ? Thanks
  14. Her voice perfected during the Cry like a rain storn & N.Riddle period.. That mexican stuff she was spot on when i saw her,virtually with no microphone.
  15. When I sweat I smell like coffee.. I used to use Elixir Ph Bronze and they sounded"good" for a long time..but Ive since prefered 80/20 Elixir..and they developed those dark marks in the picking area and deadened pretty quick. I just thought it was the 80/20 thing.. I tried 80/20 EXP and I think they might be good but I havent tried them on my other 3 acoustics...Ive seen Elixirs sell for $30 for 3 packs..if they are going to deteriorate then better get then cheaper.
  16. Id seen this and next part before..memorable
  17. When I saw the list of guitars this guy had I almost pee'd myself. So I really wanted his opinion. The main point in there was not the loudness it seemed to me...though he does remark on the loudness mostly because of how puny that 00 H&D is.. but that it beats the crap out of the Braz J200 in sound. Interesting opinion from a guy that owns both and a Braz Lowden..and..and..and.. If I had the money Id have have sent it to that guy with that Vase inlayed Braz J200 on ebay a long time ago, without ever playing it. Those J200's are like the best looking guitars ever made.. Kind of l
  18. I asked this gentleman who has a stable of very high end guitars about comparisons as I was most interested in his Braz J200 Bozeman..Gibson. He said: "Honestly my experience with Braz guitars hasnt been so positive, not that they are bad guitars or anything but for the price I expected a lot more out of these guitars. No doubt their collectibility is off the chart but the sound is not always as pleasing. Out of my Braz guitars, my H&D 00-SP is by far my favorite. It is such a small body but honestly I feel that it's louder than my J200!!! Putting these 2 side by side the H&D lo
  19. Thanks : ) I was getting irked often considering putting it for sale finding it harder to play on some days..sometimes the next day after it felt great ! I seems I've figured it out..I use a lot of sandapaper, handling it by hand..it seems it's not the guitar but the thinning of the skin on my left hand. Been chiseling for last 3 days guitar feels good again. Next sanding bout I'll wrap the tips of fingers in tape. Damn.
  20. I asked what do you think on the Acoustic forum and most really liked it. It's cool to see what people think about it. I was surprised that some thought it was a high level of bling..I always thought Martins very subdued bling wise,even 45's. I look at it as I open the case & inside I say wow..the second thing I say is sh#t too bad I couldn't have em put the trim on the back & sides too..
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