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  1. I heard from a well known Gibson dealer that Richlite is coming soon on the acoustics...I'm glad I got my songwriter deluxe standard when I did.
  2. I like this guy - he's real rock'n roll!
  3. Yes it did, not my doing though, if that's what you're insinuating. It's a legitimate topic, and I for one would likely pass but am interested in opinions on this.
  4. Would Gibson not build this for you? Sorry if you already covered this in another thread...new guy here.
  5. Thanks for visiting me!

  6. Thanks for visiting! I see you! :)

  7. There's some pretty strong opinions regarding the use of torrefied "baked" maple on Gibson electrics, seems that it's selling ok so far...but I doubt Gibson would continue using it if rosewood was available. So if Gibsons acoustic factory had no choice other than using this material on popular models, would you be the 1st in line..or stay away? J-45 with a baked maple board, for instance.
  8. SugarBear


    Gibson does know what to do with rosewood when they can get their hands on it. My Songwriter Deluxe Standard EC is the best acoustic I've ever owned (have or have had other Gibsons, Martins, and got bit with Taylor GAS once). Will post pics of the rosewood back on mine.
  9. Again...not a troll. Isn't harassment against the rules here? Mods?
  10. The Gothic ES-335 wasn't the only oddball Gothic model, they also made a Gothic ES-135, I liked both and wish I'd kept the 135.
  11. No, not trolling. Thanks for the warm welcome...
  12. Sure you did! And based on your info, I'm sure that the maple roasters can't keep up with the demand!
  13. Oooooohhh, so THAT'S why all guitar manufacturers have long used burnt maple....
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