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  1. Hello to all. Been wondering for a while about Keith Richards' 1960s Gibson Hummingbird. The guitar was used on Street Fighting Man, Jumpin' Jack Flash and a whole myriad of classic Stones tracks. But what year is it? Maybe a 1965. 1965 is the date on the earliest photos I can locate of the Hummingbird. If it is a 1965 model, what is the scale length? 24.75" or 25.5" Anyone here with a knowledge of this guitar ? Thanks
  2. After a lot of thought over the last week or so, as well as listening to the P90s through various amps (pushing a mono guitar lead in fully and then pulling it half out to get access to the Casino's P90s individually) I've come to the decision that I shall leave the varitone system in as it is ... in the original condition. I have read in a number of places on the WWW that the varitone components can drift, especially after 40 or 50 years ... old caps and resistors do this in amps , so there is no reason they haven't in the varitone unit. But given what it is and the vast pallette of sounds available using the standard tone/volume controls and the varitone that I have heard while playing, even if the components have drifted it is a great sounding guitar. What I will do though is have the stereo output jack replaced with a mono output jack, when my luthier has a look at the repair around the jack. (I'd like to remove the black plastic washer and maybe replace it with a nickel coloured washer). If I can I'll see if I can get some photos of the inside electrics.
  3. G'Day there guys ... I am the proud owner of this beautiful 65 Casino and this is my first posting here at this forum. Thanks to the admin staff who sorted out the "authorisation issues" .. much appreciated. Also thanks to all the members here... over the past month or two while I have been thinking/looking/finally deciding to get the vintage Casino, I have read lots of great info at this forum which helped me immensely. I am a Fender guy, and have always been thankful of the "tummy cut" on strats , jags and Jazzmasters, so when ever I have played my LP Std or ricky360 or ES137 it has felt not as natural or easy. But I have to say that the Casino is just delightful to play .. again it maybe the shorter neck (not scale length, but the relative location of the neck to the body) what ever the reason it doesn't matter. Plus the wider (standard fender size) nut width is just perfect... it is a keeper for sure. Also very very impressed with the varitone and it's ability to change the timbre, tonal qualities, thickness of the sound. I am still running the origianl stereo varitone which is a PITA but will fit the mono BigD varitone in the coming week or two. Obviously back in the day many who used the varitone thought it sucked tone, and the system may well have, but done correctly the varitone opens up totally new pallets of sound. Great to finally be here.
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